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Rhinelander City Directory 1903-1904

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Udkler, Albert, saloon, res. 228 Messer st
Udkler, Mrs. Lillie, res. 228 Messer st
Urbank, Gus., salesman, res. 416 S. Pelham st
Urltse, Rev., (Methodist), res. 4 N. Oneida ave
Van Sechoulendt, Chas., lab., res. 214 Messer st
VanNostrand, J. M., photographer, res. 620 Mason st
VanSeconlend, Chas., mason, res. 214 Messer st
VanSeconlend, Geo., lab., res. 214 Messer st
VanSeconlend, Mrs. Sophie, res. 214 Messer st
Vaughn, D. H., surveyor, res. 21 N. Pelham st
Vogel, H. C., butcher, res. 331 Dahl st
Vessey, C. C., grocery and meat market, res. 110 S. Oneida st

Wack, Andrew, lab., res. 697 Mason st
Wack, Mrs. Mary, res. 697 Mason st
Wagner, Louis, lab., res. 316 Stevens st
Wamslee, Chas., res. 1154 Eagle st
Wamslee, Mrs. Sarah, res. 1154 Eagle st
Wall, Edward, cook, res. cor. Margaret and Itasca sts
Walsh, Pat, lab., res. 715 Keenen st
Walb, J., lab., res. 846 Eagle st
Ward, John H., scaler, res. 828 Dorr ave
Warren, Burt, lab., res. 721 Cann st
Webb, Chas., lab., res. 415 Lake st
Webb., Robert, res. 415 Lake st
Weaver, Jesse, lab., res. City Hotel
Weight, Henry, lab., res. 604 N. Brown st
Weelan, James, res. 639 N. Brown st
Wenohosken, Tom, lab., res. 616 N. Brown st
Wessner, Elwood, insurance agent, res. 904 Kennen st
Westburg, John, lab., res. 1268 Eagle st
Westburg, Mrs. Etta, res. 1268 Eagle st
Westen, John, lab., res. 626 Mason st N
White, Gil., teamster, res. S. Pelham st
White, J. M., grocer, res. 630 Mason st N.
Whiting, Miss Winona, teacher, res. 922 Arbutus st
Whiting, Dr., veterinary surgeon, res. 922 Arbutus st
Whitman, S., lab., res. 212 S. Stevens st
Whitaker, Wm., millwright, res. 733 Cann st
Whittier, Harry, singer, res. 103 E. King st
Whipple, William B., carpenter, res. 414 High st
Woodcock, Chas. H., lumberman, res. cor. Frederick and Baird ave
Wick, Ole, lab., res. 644 Mason st
Wilcox, W. F., cruiser, res. 1219 Minola st
Wilcox, Mrs. Teenie, res. 1219 Minola st
Wilcox, Wm., student, res. 1219 Minola st
Wilcox, A. J., millwright, res. 230 S. Stevens st
Wilcox, Grace, res. 230 S. Stevens st
Wilhelm, Louis, moulder, 329 Thayer st
Wilhelm, Mrs. Mary, res. 329 Thayer st
Wilkie, Otto, lab., res. 915 Keenen st
Willes, J., lab., res. 840 Eagle st
Witter, E., contractor, res. 685 Mason st
Witter, Mrs. Corrine, res. 685 Mason st
Willett, Joseph, lab., res. 418 Garden st
Wilson, Rev. A. G., (Congregational), res. 4 N. Oneida ave
Wixson, C. A., partner lighting plant, res. 140 S. Pelham st
Woodcock, C. H., scaler, res. 303 Frederick st
Worman, Even, lab., res. 221 Messer st
Worman, Mrs. Carrie, res. 221 Messer st
Wright, S. A., fireman, res. 510 Thayer st
Writt, Wm., carriage rider, res. 1002 Thayer st
Writt, Bridget, res. 1002 Thayer st
Writt, Mrs. Julia, res. 1002 Thayer st

Yach, Jacob, lab., res. 433 Messer st
Yach, Mrs. Mary, res. 433 Messer st
Young, Mrs. Susan, res. 305 Messer st
Young, Jim, mail carrier, res. 639 Shepard st

Zehuns, Aug., lab., res. 909 Arbutus st
Zenloff, Hartwig, lab., res. 422 Thayer st
Zenloff, Mrs. Magna, res. 422 Thayer st
Zick, John, lab., res. 20 Ann st
Zick, Mrs. Elizabeth, res. 20 Ann st
Zindel, Pete, lab., res. 336 W. Harvey st
Zutz, Fred, foreman, res. 1120 Mason st

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