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Rhinelander City Directory 1903-1904

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Rahriht, Caseld, lab., res. 514 Cann st
Rathke, Fred, cigarmaker, res. 15 E. Pearl st
Rayette, Alex, lab., res. 810 Wabash st
Rayford, H. M., lab., res. 7 cor. Lake and Messer sts
Raymond, Henry, miller, janitor, res. 804 Wabash st
Raymond, Lulu, res. 804 Wabash st
Raymond, Martin, lab., res. 638 Mason st N.
Raymond, W., cashier Mer. State Bank, res. 210 Atlantic st
Raske, Frank, lab., res. 709 Wabash st
Reader, Arthur, lab., res. 322 Brown st
Reardon, J. J., druggist, res. 223 Atlantic st
Recker, D. C., mgr. Queal Lumber Co., res. 15 N. Pelham st
Redfield, Thos., switchman, res. 122 E. Anderson st
Reed, Howard, clerk, res. 216 Grant st
Reed, Richard, city comptroller, res. 215 E. King st
Reed, Warren, expressman, res. 422 S. Pelham st
Regal, Emil, lab., res. 325 S. Pelham st
Reinquest, Albert, lab., res. City Hotel
Remo, John J., prop. Restaurant, res. 315 Brown st
Reume, Fred, lab., res. 910 Arbutus st
Rezin, Fred, res. 139 S. Pelham st
Rhodes, John, lab., res. 813 Shepard st
Richter, Frank, section foreman, res. 804 Dorr ave
Richards, Mrs. E., dressmaker, res. S. Pelham st
Riley, Arthur, lab., res. 537 Alban st
Rindal, Lewis, lab., res. 746 Eagle st
Rindal, Tom, lab., res. 422 N. Brown st
Rindal, O., lab., res. 515 N. Steven st
Roach, James, lab., res. 551 Alban st
Roberts, Arthur, canvasser, res. 5 E. Kemp st
Robbins, Frank, lumberman, res. 33 N. Pelham st
Robbins, Howard, lumberman, res. 33 N. Pelham st
Robertson, F. R., engineer, res. 404 cor. Messer and Harvey sts
Robertson, A., res. 1140 Eagle st
Robertson, Mrs. A., res. 1140 Eagle st
Robertson, John, lab., res. 715 Arbutus st
Roeman, Henry, lab., res. 724 Eagle st
Rodd, Ed., lab., res. 421 Messer st
Rodd, Mrs. Mary, res. 421 Messer st
Rodd, Hans, lab., res. 425 High st
Rodin, Ole, clerk, res. 532 Thayer st
Roepcke, Henry, fireman, res. 721 Mason st
Roepcke, Chris., harnessmaker, res. 727 Dorr ave
Rogers, Chas., lab., res. 17 Prospect ave
Rogers, Frank L., storekeeper, res. 730 Wabash st
Rogers, Mrs. M. A., res. 317 Messer st
Roland, Alf. A., deliveryman, res. 1254 Eagle st
Roland, Mrs. Mary, res. 1254 Eagle st
Rosemark, Geo., lab., res. 686 Mason st
Rosemark, Antonio, lab., res. 709 Mason st
Rosemark, Mrs. Maggie, res. 709 Mason st
Rosenzweig, Geo., tailor, res. 718 Margaret ave
Rosenquist, Olaf, res. 134 Pinos st
Ross, John, blacksmith, res. Cours ave
Rothwell, John, lab., res. 610 Mason st
Ruggles, D. E., carpenter, res. 530 Thayer st
Ruggles, Mrs. Catherine, res. 530 Thayer st
Ruggles, Cora, res. 530 Thayer st
Ruggles, Emil, lab., res. 530 Thayer st
Russell, Alfred E., blacksmith, res. 815 Arbutus st
Rutz, Julius, section foreman, res. 128 E. Anderson st
Ryan, Phil., logger, res. 638 Dorr ave
Ryan, Owen, camp foreman, res. 221 Cours ave
Ryberg, Ed., shoemaker, res. City Hotel

Samways, H. J., mason, res. 803 E. Prospect ave
Sargent, J. H. engineer, res. 301 S. Pelham st
Sattsrom, Louie, farmer, res. 640 Arbutus st
Sauker, John, lab., res. 922 Mason st
Sawtel, Frank, lumberman, res. 126 E. King st
Schaffer, Wm., drayman, res. 428 Thayer st
Schaffer, Mrs. Luella, res, 428 Thayer st
Schaffer, Mrs. E. A., saleslady, res. 434 S. Pelham st
Scheeler, C. W., lab., res. 1209 River st
Schmitz, Rev. Peter (Catholic), res. 1253 King st
Schliesman, Adam, agt. Pabst Brewing Co., res. 103 E. King st
Schliesman, W. J., musician, res. 103 E. King st
Scholkte, J., lab., res. 622 N. Brown st
Scholkte, Otto, lab., res. 610 N. Brown st
Scholtz, J. J., Mason, res. City Hotel
Schoultz, Joseph, lab., res. 818 Margaret st
Schultz, John, lab., res. 312 Stevens st
Scymana, Joseph, saloon, res. 114 Thayer st
Segerstrom, Jacob, jeweler, res. 128 Brown st
Seibel, P. F., prop. Hub Clothing House, res. 210 E. King st
Seibel, Peter, lab., res. 663 N. Brown st
Seward, Dave, painter, res. 409 E. Frederick st
Shannon, W. J., grocer, res. 522 S. Pelham st
Sharon, Joe, teamster, res. 305 S. Pelham st
Shedaken, John, lab., res. 715 Shepard st
Shedor, Joh, prop. of restaurant, res. Mill st
Shellke, Herman, lab., res. 529 N. Stevens st
Shellstrom, A., lab., res. 1019 Pinos st
Shelton, A. W., lawyer, res. 123 Davenport st
Shelph, Harvey, lab., res. N. Brown st
Skubal, Joseph, saloon, res. 202 cor. Thayer and Philip sts
Shepard, E. S., woodsman, res. 125 S. Pelham st
Shepard, Ed., mason, res. 527 Thayer st
Sieveright, Archie, lumberman, res. 233 Dahl st
Simmons, John, lab., res. 423 Lake st
Slimmer, John, lab., res. 828 Mason st
Slossen, E. J., operator, res. 15 E. Anderson st
Slossen, Harvey, reporter, res. 15 E. Anderson st
Smith, Atwood, drayman, res. 434 cor. Thayer and High sts
Smidt, Wm., res. Dale st
Smidt, Mrs. Alzina, res. Dale st
Smith, Ed. E., veneer cutter, 909 Margaret st
Smith, E. E., veneer cutter, res. 909 Margaret st
Smith, Gust., mason, res. 224 E. Kemp st
Smity, J., lab., res. 527 N. Stevens st
Soderstrom, John, lab., res. 229 Messer st
Sohr, Henry, painter, res. 117 Oscala st
Solberg, John, lab., res. 726 Mason st
Solsrud, D., lab., res. 927 Mason st
Sorenson, J. C., lab., res. 223 cor. Edgar and Brown st
Southworth, D. F., res. 804 Mason st N
Spooner, B., pound master, res. 704 Cann st
Squires, Ed., jeweler, res. 116 S. Oneida ave
Stanberg, John, lab., res. 826 Mason st
Steadman, Mrs. A., res. 627 Arbutus st
Steele, J. A., shipping clerk, res. 427 Thayer st
Steele, Mrs. Anna, res. 427 Thayer st
Sternard, Agusta, domestic, res. 730 Wabash st
Stevens, C. D., lumberman, filer, res. 622 Arbutus st
Stevens, D. B., lumberman, res. 123 E. Rives st
Stevens, Geo., lumberman, res. 9 N. Pelham st
Stevens, J., lab., res. 65 N. Brown st
Stevens, W., lab., res. 228 Clark st
Stone, Geo., lab., res 721 Arbutus st
Strandstad, John, lumbergrader, res. 1034 Mason st
Stranski, Mrs., res. 132 Oneida ave
Stapelton, Matt, real estate, res. cor. Lincoln and Eagle sts
Straub, Morris, teamster, res. 659 Mason st
Straub, Mrs. Hattie, res. 659 Mason st
Strike, Mike, lab., res. 334 Pelham st
Strom, Eric, lab., res. City Hotel
Strope, Frank, clerk, res. 20 E. Anderson st
Stumpner, L., carpenter, res. 698 Mason st
Sturdevant, L., lumberman, res. 134 S. Oneida ave
Sufficool, Miss Bessie, res. 524 Thayer st
Sufficool, Mrs. Sophie, res. 524 Thayer st
Sullivan, Mike, police, res. 733 Mason st
Sutton, A. D., city treasurer, res. 333 Harvey and Messer sts
Sutton, Mrs. Elizabeth, res. 333 Harvey and Messer sts
Squaker, Matt, lab., res 620 Barnes st
Swan, Henry H., res. 1148 Eagle st
Swan, Mrs. Tillie, res. 1148 Eagle st
Swanson, A. G., lab., res. 427 Lake st
Swanson, Andrew, lab., res 1016 Pinos st
Swanson, Ernest, lab., res. 1139 Eagle St
Swanson, Mrs. E., res. 1139 Eagle st
Swanson, Gust., lumbergrader, res. 1016 Mason st
Swanson, Peter, lab., res. 904 Thayer st
Swanson, Mrs. Mary, res. 904 Thayer st
Swanson, Sam, lab., res. City Hotel
Swartz, John, Sr., engineer, res. 471 Lake st
Swartz, J. M., conductor, res. 421 Thayer st
Swartz, Simon A., engineer, res 471 Lake st
Sweet, Bertha, res. 903 Margaret st
Sweet, M., sawyer, res. 903 Margaret st
Sweet, Melvin, sawyer, res. 903 cor. Itasca and Margaret sts
Swedberg, John, sawyer, res. 1027 Mason st
Swenson, Chas., res. 679 Mason st
Swenson, Mrs. Bertha, res. 679 Mason st
Swenson, Minnie, res. 679 Mason st

Taggart, J. F., brakeman, res. 822 N. Mason st
Taggart, Geo., teamster, res. 111 E. Anderson st
Taylor, Arthur, prop. bottling works, res. 214 Clark st
Taylor, W. A., soda mfgr., res. 309 Harvey st
Tegetz, Fred, lab., res. 916 Arbutus st
Thalan, Edward, plumber, res. 815 Bruner st
Thalen, Mathew, carpenter, res. 815 Bruner st
Thobar, Chas., barber shop, res. 7 N. Brown st
Thomas, Chas., filer, res. 934 Thayer st
Thomas, Mrs. Edith, res. 934 Thayer st
Thompson, Myron, supt. veneer factory, res. 715 Margaret st
Thompson, S. N., res. 411 Messer st
Thursey, Jacob., edger, res. 533 Thayer st
Thurston, C. R., deliveryman for Cole, res. 130 E. King st
Timm, Fred, lab., res. 1222 Rib st
Tober, Jas. L., switchman, res. 134 Mercer st
Tober, Chas., barber, res. 627 Keenen st
Tomphus, B. R., agent for Soo, res. 128 S. Oneida st
Trey, Reinhardt, lab., res. 627 Cann st
Trownsell, Wm., teamster, res. 103 Mercer st
Tundberg, Erick, lab., res. 415 Mill st
Tunney, Jacob, reamster, res. 1103 Mason st
Tuttle, Harvey, real estate, res. 21 N. Oneida ave
Tuttle, J., real estate, res. 213 S. Stevens st
Tuttle, S. G., lumberman, res. 17 N. Oneida ave

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