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Rhinelander City Directory 1903-1904

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Abbot, Elsie, deputy county clerk, res. 226 S. Stevens st
Abbot, Will, stenographer, res. 226 S. Stevens st
Ackerman, Garrit, lab., res. 825 Eagle st
Adams, John, insurance agt., res. 503 Thayer st
Alban, J. H., lawyer, res. 6 N. Pelham
Alban, Miss A. R., res. 26 E. Anderson
Alexander, G. P., painter, res. 415 Frederick
Alexander, Geo., painter, res. 415 E. Frederick
Alexander, F. A. painter, res. 703 Margaret ave.
Altenburg, A. H., lab., res. 809 Arbutus st
Ames, Geo., lab., res. 633 Arbutus st
Amundson, John, lab.; res. 431 Lake st
Anderson, Chas. C., teamster, 1240 Eagle st
Anderson, Christ, lab., res. 633 N. Brown st
Anderson, Edward, lab., res. 816 Wabash st
Anderson, Edwin, lab., res. 816 Wabash st
Anderson, Gust, lumber grader, res. 1016 Mason st
Anderson, Hans, merchant, res. 416 Thayer st
Anderson, Hans, res. 910 Mason st
Anderson, John, lab., res. 410 N. Brown st
Anderson, John, lab., res. 511 Barnes st
Anderson, Miss Annie, res. 1240 Eagle st
Anderson, Miss Jennie, res. 904 Thayer st
Anderson, Mrs. Anna, res. 416 Thayer st
Anderson, Oliver, sawyer, res. 804 Prospect ave
Anderson, Oliver, head sawyer, res. 804 Arbutus st
Anderson, Oscar E., teamster, res. 904 Thayer st
Anderson, Robert W., teamster, res. 904 Thayer st
Anderson, S. E., brickmaker, res. 33 Mercer st
Anderson, Swan, lab., res., 212 Mercer st
Annis, Ethel M., res. 504 co. Thayer and High sts
Annis, LeRoy L., res. 504 cor. Thayer and High sts
Annis, Mrs. Lewis, widow, res. 504 cor. Thayer and High sts
Ashton, S. H., book store, res. 140 S. Oneida st
Ashton, W. H. cashier First Nat. bank, res. 204 S. Oneida ave
Asmundsen, Chas., lab., res. 231 Messer st
Asmundsen, Oscar, clerk, res. 821 Bruner st
Atkinson, R. J., engineer, res. 327 Brown st
Atkinson, M. A., milliner, res. 327 Brown st
Averill, W. M., lab., res. 307 Pelham st

Backtloom, Chas., lumbergrader, res. 614 Mason st
Backe, Erick, lab., res. 926 Mason st
Baldwin, N. T., painter, res. 115 E. King st
Ball, W. T., livery, res. 112 E. Rives st
Barber, H., res. 610 Keenen st
Barber, Paul, res. 722 Mason st
Baribeau, Oliver, lab., res. 211 Mill st
Baribeau, Peter, lab., res. 211 Mill st
Barlow, J. C., res. 555 Alban st
Barnes, Charles, res. 28 N. Pelham st
Barnes, Fored, traveling man, res. 222 S. Stevens st
Barnes, Mrs. Fored, dressmaker, res. 222 S. Stevens st
Barnes, Jno., lawyer, res. 4 N. Pelham st
Bastian, John, lab., res. 669 N. Brown st
Basil, A. G., merchant, res. 333 cor. Harvey and Thayer sts
Bartlett, T. F., Lab., res. 828 Mason st
Bartlett, Tom, res. 633 Newell st
Bauer, Edw. F., machinist, res. 626 Randall st
Baxter, I. S., clerk, res. 410 S. Pelham st
Backstrom, Gust, lab., res. 1028 Pinos st
Bearenald, Otto, lab., res. City Hotel
Beaulie, Mrs. Matilda, res. 1204 Minola st
Belanger, Simon, lab., res. 403 Garden st
Belanger, T., lab., res. 404 Garden st
Bert, J., lab., res. 14 W. Harvey st
Belkey, Paul, lab., res. 933 Mason st
Bellile, Chas., bartender, res. 116 E. Anderson st
Bellile, Louie, carpenter, res. 604 Keenen st
Berg, Martin, deputy game warden, res. N. Olson st
Berg, Olga, domestic, res. City Hotel
Bergman, J., lab., res. 681 N. Brown st
Breggs, Emory, engineer Rhinelander Paper Co., res. City Hotel
Bellile, Jouie Jr., shingler, res. 622 Keenen st
Bellamy, H. G., painter, res. 804 Randall st
Beno, Louis, lab., res. 3 Lake st
Bentley, Jerry, baggageman, 704 Arbutus st
Bibby, Frank, contractor and builder, res. 303 E. Kemp st
Bigelow, Theodore, prop. Hotel, res. 309 Edgar st
Bigelow, Mrs. Helen, res. 309 Edgar st
Bigelow, Peter, Clifton House, res. 309 Edgar st
Bigsbee, Mrs. Mary, widow, res. 315 Stevens st
Billings, F. B., lumber inspector, res. 503 Thayer st
Billings, Mrs. Etta, res. 503 Thayer st
Billings, W., lawyer, res. 225 E. Rives st
Birkholse, Chas., lab., res. 605 N. Brown st
Bishop, Geo., Pub. Of New North, res. 103 S. Pelham st
Blaisdell, G. W., lab., res. 610 Arbutus st
Bloom, John, engineer, res. 120 E. Kemp st
Boden, John, lab., res. 1143 Minola st
Booth, Fred, lab., res. 819 Shepard st
Bork, Henry, mason, res. 221 Lincoln st
Bouffion, Joe., lab., res. 1248 Eagle st
Bouffion, Mrs. Katherine, res. 1248 Eagle st
Bouffion, Eli, lab., res. 1248 Eagle st
Bouffion, Emil, lab., res. 1248 Eagle st
Bourbeau, F. A., blacksmith, res. 322 Brown st
Bonnie, H., lab., res. 621 N. Brown st
Braeger, Henry, travelingman, res. 34 E. Anderson st
Brawn, E. L., lawyer, res. 24 Brown st
Baazie, Ed., bookkeeper, res. Lincoln st
Briggs, F. D., mechanic, res. 524 Thayer st
Bronson, C. D., bookstore, res. 121 N. Pelham st
Brown, A. W., lumberman, res. 108 cor. Brown and Stevens sts
Brown, E. O., lumberman, res. 209 cor. Brown and Oneida ave
Brown, Mrs. E. S., window, res. 26 E. Anderson st
Brown, Miss Helen, res. 25 cor. Frederick and Pelham sts
Brown, Miss May, res. 25 cor. Frederick and Pelham sts Brown, Peter, insurance, res. 327 E. Frederick st
Browne, P. Lawyer, res. 221 Atlantic st
Brown, S. A., clerk, res. 26 E. Anderson st
Brown, Webster E., lumberman, res. 9 cor. Frederick and Stevens sts
Bruns, Joe, Supt. Refrigerator Co., res. 726 Margaret ave
Bruso, L., drayman, res. 668 Mason st
Bruso, P., drayman, res. 127 Mercer st
Burmeister, Chas., lab., res. 315 Stevens st
Bush, Mrs. Amelia, res. 1227 Minola st
Butolph, Jay, lab., res. 715 Can st
Bystiom, John, lab., res. 1218 Eagle st
Bystiom, Mrs. Bessie, res. 1218 Eagle st
Bystiom, David, res. 1218 Eagle st

Cain, Patrick, lab., res. 309 Brown st
Calkins, Chas., postoffice clerk, res. 218 N. Baird st
Calkins, Prescott, real estate, res. 118 Baird ave
Campbell, Ed., cook, res. 411 S. Pelham st
Carlson, Ed., clerk, res. 727 Mason st
Carlson, Mrs. Anna, res. 727 Mason st
Carlson, Oscar, machinist, res. 727 Mason st
Carlson, Mrs. Mary, res. 727 Mason st
Carlson, Chas., lab., res. 828 Mason st
Carlson, Ed., machinist, res. rear Didier foundry
Carlsten, Victor, machinist, res. 1016 Mason st
Carlson, J., lab., res. 816 Eagle st
Carlson, Miss Frida, res. City Hotel
Carr, w. W., county clerk, res. 641 Margaret ave
Carmski, Alex, lab., res. 686 Mason st
Case, William, engineer, res. 1113 Mason st
Casey, R., filer, res. 1113 Mason st
Chafee, Mrs. T., widow (Calvin), res. 213 S. Pelham st
Chagmore, Elias, lab., res. 680 Thayer st
Chagmore, Mrs. Philemon, res. 680 Thayer st
Chapman, E. A., cashier N. W. depot, res. 109 E. Park st
Chase, Chas., lab., res. 530 N. Stevens ste
Chase, George, traveling agent, res. 103 E. King st
Chesla, B. K., lab., res. 516 N. Stevens st
Christenson, Sam, saloon, res. 218 Thayer st
Christian, Louis, lab., res. 214 Messer st
Christian, Mrs. Dorothea, res. 214 Messer st
Christ, P. J., lab., res. 816 Mason st
Christensen, Peter, mason, res. 4 Lake st
Christofferson, G., res. 209 E. King st
Ciebell, J. C., photographer, res. 703 Keenen st
Cing, Mars F. X., res. 515 Thayer st
City Hotel, Sam Johnson, prop., 1-5 N. Brown st
Clancy, res. 1233 Minola st
Clark, Eben, lab., res. 631 Margaret st
Clark, George, lab., res. 820 Shepard st
Clarie, S., lab., res. 1002 Eagle st
Clarie, Robert, res. 119 E. Anderson st
Clifford, A. L., engineer, res. 24 Brown st
Clothier, Mrs. Byron, res. 426 Como ave
Coffy, Tom, saloonkeeper, res. 223 W. Anderson st
Cole, D. G., merchant, res. 122 S. Oneida st
Cole, J. D., clerk, res. 210 Como ave
Cookie, J., lab., res. 627 Brant st
Collins, John, roadmaster, res. 303 Dahl st
Ceonro, Abner, Sr., lumberman, res. 5 Lake st
Converse, C. H., engineer, res. 704 Thayer st
Converse, Thomas, lab., res. 704 Thayer st
Converse, Mrs. Rose, res. 704 Thayer st
Converse, Miss Rena, teacher, res. 704 Thayer st
Cook, A. P., real estate, res. 218 Itasca st
Coon, Gills, lumberman, res. 328 Dahl st
Cope, Elmer S., hotel clerk, res. 328 Stevens st
Counter, Eli, bartender, res. 811 Bruner st
Coxe, James I., carpenter, res. 113 Itasca st
Crofoot, C. S., merchant, res. 1325 River st
Crofoot, E. B., dairyman, res. 1325 River st
Crosby, C. P., lumberman, res. 205 Atlantic st
Crusoe, Chas., prop. Crusoe's store, res. 33 N. Pelham st
Crusoe, A. W., merchant, res. 28 Alban st
Curran, W., lab., res. City Hotel
Czervinski, Paul N., lab., res. Harvey st

Dahlstrand, John A., lumbergrader, res. 222 Messer st
Dahlstrom, Mrs. Emma
Danfield, D. T., clerk, res. 106 E. Frederick st
Daniels, D., M.D., res. 148 S. Oneida ave
Danielson, E. O. W., lumberman, 333 cor. Harver and Thayer sts
Danielson, Geo. O. W., travelingman, res. 333 Thayer st
Danielson, Miss Ida Marie, res. 333 Thayer st
Danner, L., musician and clerk, res. 216 E. Anderson st
Darse, John, lab., res. 809 Pinos st
Daoust, Cubert, lab., res. 322 Brown st
Dault, A. D., carpenter, res. 455 Lake st
Davis, Mrs. A. R., grocer, res. 641 Keenen st
Davis, Robert, lab., res. 443 Lake st
Day Garrier, engineer, res. 1123 River st
Dayton, R. C., manager veneer factory, res. 221 Dahl st
Dawson, H., lab., res. 800 Pinos st
Deede, Geo., mason, res. 637 Margaret ave
Degaywood, Joe, lab., res. 808 N. Mason st
Dell, Lowell, lab., res. 539 Alban st
Dell, Geo., lab., res. 539 Alban st
Demick, Clarence, lab., res. 309 Thayer st
Demars, Jule, saloonkeeper, res. 726 Keenen st
Denoyer, Alex., lab., res. 6 Lake st
Denoyer, Alex, engineer, res. 621 Keenen st
De Rose, J., lab., res. 1103 Monico ave
Desmore, Oclead, lab., res. 1023 cor. River and Garden sts
Devel, S., lab., res. 618 Mason st
Didier, John, machinist, res. 305 Messer st
Didier, Mrs. Mary, res. 305 Messer st
Didier, Peter J., machinist, res. 215 Messer st
Didier, Mrs. Kathryn, widow, res. 203 cor. Phillip and Messer sts
Didier, Miss Estella, res. 203 cor. Phillip and Messer sts
Didier, Miss Nellie, res. 203 cor. Phillip and Messer sts
Didier, Russel F., res. 203 cor. Phillip and Messer sts
Dillard, Sam., lab., res. 812 Cann st
Dimick, Clarence, sawfiler, res. 309 Thayer st
Dimick, Mrs. Mary, res. 309 Thayer st
Divers, Frank, planning-mill foreman, res. 434 cor. High and Messer sts
Dog---? (can't read), Miss Caroline, teacher, res. 304 Dahl st
Dolan, Felix, deputer sheriff, res. 104 E. King st
Donelson, Carl, millman, res. 220 E. King st
Doyle, Thomas, lumberman, res. 215 Lincoln st
Doyle, T. D., woodsman, res. 115 S. Pelham st
Dooville, John, lab., res. 17 W. Harvey st
Doran, John, lab., res. 336 W. Harvey st
Duffy, Frank M., saloonkeeper, res. 15 E. Itasea st
Dufrain, John, lab., res. 104 Thayer st
Dufrain, I., saloonkeeper, res. 218 Frederick st
Dunn, Al., hardware, res. 217 Cours ave
Dunn, Mrs. Mary G., widow, res. 303 Thayer st
Dunn, Jas. J., res. 303 Thayer st
Dunn, Mike E., res. 303 Thayer st
Dunn, Henry, cigarmaker, res. 303 Thayer st
Dunn, Steve, res. 303 Thayer st
Dunn, Miss Anna L., res. 303 Thayer st
Dunney, Will, lab., res. 812 Cann st
Dupreis, Joseph, carpenter, res. 17 Harvey st
Dusel, Geo., barber, res. 115 E. Anderson st

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