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Rhinelander City Directory 1903-1904

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Easton, Frank, lab., res. 14 Thayer st
Easton, Frank, electrican, res. 610 Dorr ave
Eastman, E. M., painter, res. 333 E. Frederick st
Edmunds, F., mgr Paper Mills, res. 215 Dahl st
Egan, Michael, lab., res. 1303 Minola st
Egan, Mrs. Hilda, res. 1303 Minola st
Ethsen, Gust, lab., res. 403 Mill st
Elliot, Bert., carpenter, res. 2 Lake st
Emerson, victor, butcher, res. 715 Mason st
Emerson, Mrs. Fina, res. 715 Mason st
Erekson, Gust., teamster, res. 1016 Mason st
Erickson, Chas., lab., res. 1016 Mason st
Erickson, Martin, lab., res. 1012 Eagle st
Eschwig, Wal., blacksmith, res. 716 Mason st
Evenson, Nels, lab., res. 509 E. Oneida st
Everson, E., lab., res. 1118 Eagle st

Faust, Casper, res. 103 cor. Alban and Frederick sts
Faust, Casper, 13 Frederick st
Fauville, Emil, blacksmith, res. 710 Wabash st
Feeney, F. M., roadmaster, res. 412 Messer st
Fenelon, Mrs. Mary, widow, res. 115 E. Frederick st
Fenelon, William, res. 115 E. Frederick st
Fenska, Carl, mason, res 714 Margaret st
Fenshback, Tom., lab., res. 819 Cann st
Fless, Frank, Lab., res. 548 Thayer st
Fless, Mrs. Mary, res. 548 Thayer st
Follstad, Julius, lumbergrader, res. 678 Mason st
Forbes, Clara, widow (Samuel), res. 309 Cours ave
Forbes, Ed., part Light Mfg. plant, res. 110 S. Pelham st
Forsyth, Gil., barber, res. 226 S. Stevens st
Foster, Porter, millwright, res. 509 Thayer st
Foster, Richard, Mason, res. City Hotel
Franz, Joseph, lab., res. 104 Thayer st
Franklin, Robt., grocer, res. 902 Mason st
Frederickson, G., foreman, res. 922 Thayer st
Frederickson, Mrs. Emma, res. 922 Thayer st
Freeman, F., insurance agent, res. 530 N. Stevens st
Fritch, Herman, millwright, res. 329 N. Stevens st
Fritch, Mrs. Clara, res. 329 N. Stevens st
Fritzsch, Herman, lab., res. 329 N. Stevens st

Gardner, Thos., lab., res. 406 Dorr ave
Gaunthier, Chas., lab., res. 1204 Eagle st
Gaunthier, Mrs. Elizabeth, res. 1204 Eagle st
Gelbertson, Andrew, lumbergarder, res. 732 Mason st
Genette, Abraham, lab., res 524 Thayer st
Germond, Miss M., bookkeeper, res. 15 N. Pelham st
Getcell, Robt., logger, 716 Arbutus st
Getchell, J. M., lab., res. 10 DeSoto st
Gibson, John J., blacksmith, res. 521 Thayer st
Gilbert, Chas., engineer, res. 609 Arbutus st
Gilbo, Gilbert, lab., res. 715 Dorr ave
Giles, F. R., filer, res. 804 Keenen st
Gillegan, W. H., Jr., travelingman, res. 16 Mercer st
Gillegan, W. H., Sr., lumberman, res. 221 cor. S. Pelham and E. Anderson sts
Gillene, Emil, street commissioner, res. 23 E. Gilbert st
Gillene, Mrs. Josephine, res. 23 E. Gilbert st
Gillene, Florence, res. 23 E. Gilbert st
Gillene, Emil, res. 23 E. Gilbert st
Gillene, Hector, res. 23 E. Gilbert st
Gillegan, Elsie, music teacher, res. cor. S. Pelham and E. Anderson sts
Gilly, W. M., res. 510 S. Pelham st
Giveny, T., saloonkeeper, res. 134 E. King st
Gleason, James, butcher, res. 109 E. King st
Gleason, Patrick, policeman, res. 24 S. Pelham st
Glenn, Addison, contractor, res. 459 Lake st
Goldswand, Olof, clerk, res. 910 Mason st
Gousthagen, Henry T., lab., res. 1223 Minola st
Gousthagen, Mrs. Agnetta, res. 1223 Minola st
Gousthagen, Miss Sophia, res. 1223 Minola st
Gormley, F. M., pop corn seller, res. 822 Dorr ave
Goulette, John, liveryman, res. 615 Keenen st
Green, Peter, meat cutter, res. 823 Mason st
Green, Nick, lab., res. 633 N. Brown st
Greenwood, John, lab., res. 416 Philip st
Grezenski, John, lab., res. 629 Thayer st
Grezenski, Mrs. Frances, res. 629 Thayer st
Grooms, T. W., lab., res. 219 W. Anderson st
Gruebel, a. E., millwright, res. 828 Arbutus st
Grulet, P., lab., res. 504 N. Stevens st
Guilday, Richard, teamster, res. 615 Randall st
Gunnon, Thomas., lab., res. 1222 Rib st
Gustafson, C., lab., res. 728 Eagle st
Gustafson, John, lab., res. 916 Mason st
Gustafson, William, lab., res. 1117 Mason st
Gustafson, Steve, saloon, res. 1247 Minola st
Gustafson, Mrs. Aggie, res. 1247 Minola st
Gustafson, Herman, lab., res. 651 Mason st
Guyette, Chas., drayman, res. 122 Randall st
Hack, Jos., lab., res 321 Thayer st
Hafner, Al., bookkeeper, res. 217 W. Anderson st
Hagen, Jno., saloonkeeper, res. 220 Clark st
Hagen, T. ? (can't read), lumberman, res. 110 E. King st
Halnimak, Aug., lab., res. 667 Mason st
Halnimak, Mrs. Maggie, res. 667 Mason st
Hamilton, G., carpenter, res. 28 N. Baird st
Hamilton, Mrs. W., teacher, res. 503 S. Oneida st
Hansen, Aug., lab., res. 828 Mason st
Hansen, Mrs. Mary (widow), res. 828 Thayer st
Hansen, N. P., foreman robins Lbr. Co., res. 1102 Mason st
Hansan, Nels, lumber grader, res. 930 Mason st
Hansen, Ole, lab., res. 223 Mill st
Hansley, Chris, res. 691 Mason st
Hansley, Mrs. Margaret, res. 691 Mason st
Hanson, lab., res. 525 N. Brown st
Hardell, W. M., meat market, res. 828 Mason st
Harn. R., lab., res. 411 N. Stevens st
Harrington, W. D., lumberman, res. 16 N. Pelham st
Harrington, E. G., engineer, res. 1 Lake st
Hart, Arthur, bookkeeper, res. 631 Dorr ave
Hartman, Herman, lab., res. 1005 River st
Haselquist, J. P., lab., res. 426 N. Brown st
Haser, Chas., lab., res. City Hotel
Havlin, will, logger, res. 714 Keenen st
Hazen, H. R., grader, res. 121 S. Baird ave
Hebner, Ernest, lab., res. 661 Mason st
Hebner, Mrs. Emelia, res. 661 Mason st
Heckart, J., lab., res. 703 Arbutus st
Heckart, Webster, lab., res. 24 Itasca st
Hegebart, Herman, lab., res. 322 Brown st
Helding, Chas., lab., res. 1003 Mason st
Helgeson, I. E., lab., res. 408 Messer st
Helgerman, Hattie, res. 921 Arbutus st
Henry, John, scaler, res. 310 Messer st
Henry, Mrs. Mary, res. 310 Messer st
Hentschal, Wm., cigarmaker, res. 710 Arbutus st
Herrick, Wm., engineer, res. 819 Thayer st
Herrick, Mrs. Mandy, res. 910 Thayer st
Hewison, John, res. 1143 Eagle st
Hewison, Mrs. John, res. 1143 Eagle st
Hickey, Jas., lumber inspector, res. 721 Dorr ave
Hilber, Mrs. J. H. (widow), res. 13 Mercer st
Hilderbrand, F., merchant, res. S. Oneida ave
Hilgermann, Anna, res. 921 Arbutus st
Hilgermann, George, res. 921 Arbutus st
Hilgermann, O. A., res. 921 Arbutus st
Hintz, Frank., lab., res. 718 Margaret ave
Hodgdon, Chas., logger, res. 727 Margaret ave
Hoffman, Peter, carpenter, res 314 Brown st
Hogan, J. D., lab., res. 1016 Thayer st
Hogan, Miss Myrtle, res. 1016 Thayer st
Hogan, Mrs. Mary, res. 1016 Thayer st
Holland, Mike, woodsman, res. 15 E. King st
Holmes, Joseph, lab., res. 1239 Minola st
Holmes, Mrs. Mary, res. 1239 Minola st
Holz, H., tailor, res. 213 Cours ave
Houn, B. S., merchant, res. 152 S. Oneida st
House, Geo., lab., res. 673 Mason st
House, Miss Dora, res. 673 Mason st
House, Jessie, musician, res. 667 Mason st
House, Mrs. Lillie, musician, res. 667 Mason st
Hubert, J., lab., res. 609 N. Brown st
Huehan, Kate, dressmaker, res. 402 S. Pelham st
H ? (can't read), lab., res. 722 Dorr ave

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