Annuity Roll
Mississippi & Lake Superior Chippewa

Dated November 28, 1850

Donated by Timm Severud


We the chief headmen, heads of families and individuals without families of the Chippewas of the Mississippi and Lake Superior, within the Sub-agency of Sandy Lake, acknowledge the receipt from John B. Watrous, sub-agent at Sandy Lake of the sum of twenty thousand, two hundred twenty seven, and 76/100th dollars in goods, it being no(w) full of the sum of nineteen thousand dollars no(w) good under the 2a Article of the Treaty of the 29th of July 1837, and two thousand five hundred dollars in goods under the 4th article of the Treaty of October 4th, 1842, the same being in full of the annuity due our tribe in goods from the year 1850, except said fund of two hundred and seventy two and 24/100th dollars not being accounted for.
Sandy Lake Sub-Agency November 28, 1850
Included in this Annuity Roll are the Heads of Family for the following Bands:

La Pointe Bands (246 families)
Fond du Lac Bands (187 families)
Lac du Flambeau Bands (89 families)
Wisconsin River Bands (83 families)
Chippewa River Bands (101 families)
Lac Courtrielles Bands (60 families)
Lac Chatak Bands (44 families)
Long Lake Bands (54 families)
Puk-wa-wung Bands (27 families)
St. Croix River Bands (27 families)
Yellow Lake Bands (38 families)
Snake River Bands (62 families)
Pukagumah Bands #1 (53 families)
Grand Portage Bands (48 families)
Mississippi Bands (208 families)
Sandy Lake Bands (86 families)
Mille Lac Bands (89 families)
Pukagumah Bands #2 (17 families)
Pillager Bands - Chippewa (300 families)

Total families represented - 1,819

1850 Annuity Roll Report & Receipts


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