Schools of
Sawyer County WI 



This is an on-going project for the Sawyer Co. WIGenWeb site, where we are hoping to collect histories and pertinent information on the schools, both the rural schools and those more modern.  This page will be updated as more materials are collected, so be sure to check back often!


Bass Lake School
Belille School
Bishop School
Buckwheat School
Cornic School
Crane Creek School
Crawford School
Drake School
Hubbard School
Jackson School
Jordan School
Lavelle School
Manwaring School
May School
Moore School
Munger School
Pahquayahwang School
Phipps School
Preston School
Raynor School
Ross School
Round Lake School
Runnels School
Sand Lake School
Smith Lake School
Spaulding School
Villiard School
Wallace School
Windfall Lake School
Yankee School

Whitefish School, 1924
Whitefish School, 1938
Whitefish School, 1940-41


 Hayward Schools
Hayward Schools (including McCormick School)
1892-1906 Hayward High School Graduates
1929 Hayward High School Graduates
1936 Hayward High School Graduates & Honor Roll
1937 Hayward High School Graduates
1966 Hayward High School Graduates
1976 Hayward High School Graduates
1977 Hayward High School Graduates
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