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This page contains photos from the Barron Co. area, including people, places, schools, tombstones --
any items that pertains to the historical or genealogical aspect of Barron Co.  This is just a small sampling of our
county's pictorial history.  We hope you enjoy viewing these photos.

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BERG Children
BERG Christmas
Martin BERG Family
Martin and Mamie BERG
Maurine Andrea BERG
1926 Confirmation Class, Section Ten, Norwegian Lutheran Church
Laura Jane COVERT
Laura Jane and Sam COVERT
Napolean & Marence (Lavalliere) DESROCHERS Wedding
George Joseph GAERTH family
Peter & Laura Jane (Covert) STAFFORD's children
Sons of Peter and Laura Jane (Covert) STAFFORD
Margaret Field STAFFORD
Harold & Clara (Strand) KURCHNER's Wedding
Eva Elizabeth Marie KURSCHNER
John & Katherine (Miller) KURSCHNER & family
Wilhelmina (Moline) KURSCHNER
Harold KURSCHNER family at the Barron Train Station
John & Katherine (Miller) KURSCHNER
John & Jorgine (Jacobson) STRAND
John & Jorgine (Jacobson) STRAND & family
Gilbert & Antona SOLIE
Oscar SOLIE, 1934
Carl & Mabel (Kurschner) HAGAMEISTER
Oscar SOLIE & his first tractor - a John Deere!
Children of Ingebret & Olina SORENSEN of Rice Lake
Children of Carl MILLER of Dallas
Ole & Lena SYVERUD family of Maple Grove Township
Family reunion including: Pauline ONSOM, Tom & Lillian GREGARSON & Gunda SERLEY
Olaf & Anna (Johnson) SERLEY
George & Gunda (Serley) RAPLEY
George & Louella (Richardson) RAPLEY
Clayton F. & Sarah (McCarter) Carr
Carr Family photo, 1884
Carr Family photo, 1930s
Otto Carr, 1890
Children of Otto Carr
Barn Raising at the Otto Carr farm
Otto Carr's barn - almost completed
Feeding the barn raising crew
Food preparation experts
Ladies Aid ?
Stephan Wasko and children in his 1913 Maxwell
Wasko Family photo, 1921
Wasko Children, 1943
Anna (Stolga) Josefik
Stephan Wasko and his Hybrid corn
Stephan & Mary (Josefik) Wasko
Stephan & Joseph Wasko & Teddy Yager
Franklin G. & Eliza (Catherwood) Kellar family
Jess Baldwin & his traps
Floyd & Lizzie Cramer
Unknown Fourtown couple
Early Dobie couples - Mireau, Gagner & Roberge
Opal Duncan & Byron Ward
Leroy & Hazel (Brandt) Duncan
Joe & Elsie (Carr) Flagstad
Hepburn Siblings, Prairie Farm
Rev. & Mrs. Paul Hull, ME Church, Prairie Farm
Mary Jane (McAllister) Hepburn
Barn raising on the Mathias Hong farm
Picnic on the Mathias Hong farm
George W. & Christie (Eby) Luckman
Children of Henry Little Pipe (?)
Wistrom Family in 1909
Clarence Wistrom, 1917
Fishing on Upper Turtle Lake in 1905
Beecroft Brothers & Sisters
Nancy Kellar O'Flanagan
Rowland Kellar
Barron Area Hunting Party, 1940s
1940 Barron Area Businessmen
Almena Buddies, 1920s
Henry & Ethel (Wold) Peterson, 1927
1912 Barton Family
William A. White
Lucy Elmira (Almira) White
Mable Byhre Gradutaion Picture
Canton Neighbors
White, Taft, and Jungberg families
Canton Wedding?
3 Canton Children
Mary Gillette Jungberg
Nita (?) 1912
Morrisson-DuBois Wedding (1916)
Pauline Jungberg Graduation (1910)
Rose and Ella Gillette (circa 1886 or later)
Mary and Ella Gillette (circa 1880)
Charles W. Jungberg
Ella Gillette and Charles W. Jungberg Wedding (1891)
Malone Gillette Picnic Canton Area
Canton Group 1952


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BERG-LUND Farmer's Store, Barron
Cameron Streets, 1913
Cumberland's Main Street, 1909
Dorey Family Farm in Dallas
Farmers & Merchants Bank, Chetek
Home Store in Prairie Farm, 1907
Norwegian Lutheran Church, 1909
Tourist Hotel in Rice Lake, 1910
Red Barn Theater
Our Lady of Lourdes and Rectory
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church (Prairie Farm)
Oscar & Mina Solie Farm, 1940
Brill Grace Lutheran Church
Haugen Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Bohemian National Cemetery Entrance #1
Bohemian National Cemetery Entrance #2
Ceska Opera Hall
Odd Fellows Building, Rice Lake
Rice Lake Library
Canton ?
Canton Farmers Co-op
Canton Farmers State Bank
Log Shacks from Lumbering Era
1926 View of Rice Lake's Main Street
Aerial View of Hiawatha Park, Red Cedar River & Rice Lake
Rice Lake Hotel
Rice Lake Canning Factory, pre-1915
Baldwin Cabins
Baldwin Texaco Station
Fourtown Cheese Factory
Home of George W. Luckman, Maple Plain
George W. Luckman cabin
Rice Lake Fire Engine
1912 Barton Barn Raising Lunch
H. B. Hopkin's Drug Store in Cumberland circa 1910
Saw Mill (mostly likely Rice Lake)
Lumber Camp (Barron County Region)
Lumbering (Barron County Region)
(circa 1908)
Canton Ladies Church Group
Brill Logging Camp Cook, Shanty
Brill Logging Camp Bunkhouse

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1937 Sunnyside School students
1946 Barron Elementary School Diploma
1950 Barron High School Diploma
1950 Barron High School graduate list
1950 Barron High School diploma photo of school

Haugen Elementary School
Brill Elementary School
Oak Grove Centre School
Fourtown School
Audrey Solie's Class
1920 Barron School students & teacher
1929 Sioux Creek School
1911 Parkman School students
1924-25 Parkman School Upper Class students
  1912 Anderson School students & teacher
1951/2 Anderson School students and parents
Fourtown School, 1915-16
Liberty Bell School
1927 Cumberland High School Graduates
1925 Cumberland High School Football Team
1965 Barron School Board
Canton Elementary School at Christmas
Canton Elemetary School Class
Canton First School
Canton Second School 1911 (Post Card)

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