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Rhinelander City Directory 1914-1915

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Udkler Albert (Lily), groceries 226 Messer, r 228 Messer.
Urbank Adolph, 605 Randall.
Urbank Gust, agt Wirth Sales Stable, r 605 Randall.
Usher Edith, student, 616 S Oneida av.
Usher Wm (Myrtle), cook, 616 S Oneida av.

Van Alstyne J W (Ella), supt Sulphite Plant P M, r 226 S Stevens.
Van Court Geo (Gunda), lab, 528 N Brown.
Van Court Thos (Rose), car rep, 692 Mason.
Van Dusen Oscar (Mary), brakeman, 525 Alban.
Vanee Floyd, lab, 317 Messer.
Vanee Victor (Lottie), lab, 317 Messer.
Vanness Jos (Anna), lab, 934 Pinos.
Vanness Ernest, lab, 28 Alban.
Vanness Jule (Jule), lab, 524 Thayer.
Vanney Gust (Clara), lab, 548 Thayer.
Vanney Henry (Mary), lab, 15 W Frederick.
Vasser Ernest (Phoebe), 165 Mill.
Vaughan Chauncey (Effie), electr, 570 W Davenport.
Vaughan Clayton, 104 E King.
Vaughan D H, co surveyor 31 S Brown, r same.
Vaughan Lucille, M o clk, 302 Lincoln.
Vaughan Lynn (Eva), cruiser, 104 E King.
Vetley T F (Lagurtha), mgr dairy farm, r 1034 Dorr av.

Wagner Louis (Clara), gardener, 316 N Stevens.
Waight Chas, lab, 330 E Phillip.
Waight Geo, lab, 330 E Phillip.
Waite Dell (Elizabeth), btdr, 915 Keenan.
Walker Anna (wid David), 921 Arbutus.
Walkowski Frank (Frances), lab, 314 N Brown.
Wallace Robert, filer, 103 Alban.
Wals Frank (Olga), carp, 631 Dorr av.
Wals John (Martha), mason, 631 Dorr Av.
Wang P J (Selma), shoemkr, 416 N Brown.
Ward John (Mary), lbr insp, 828 Dorr av.
Ward R J (Myrtle), stat eng, 414 High.
Ward Robert, 828 Dorr av.
Warren Clara, 721 Carr.
Warren Harry, lab, 721 Carr.
Warren Herbert (Anna), tmstr, 721 Carr.
Warren Merrill, fireman, 721 Carr.
Washburn E H (Caroline), loc eng, 524 Thayer.
Wasserman S H (Bertha), prop Bargain Store 110 Thayer, r same.
Wasserman Simon, student, 110 Thayer.
Wear-U-Well Shoe Store, W C Lieberstein mgr, 14 S Brown.
Webb Rose (wid Robert), W end Lake.
Weber August, lab, 421 Mill.
Weddell Floyan, 127 N Brown.
Weddell James R (Nina), loc eng, 127 N Brown.
Weddell Nellie, student, 127 N Brown.
Weesner A E (Alvah), (Barnes-Weesner Agency), r 112 E Rives.
Weiber Peter (Charlotte), btdr, 530 Carr (written in 122 E Phillip).
Weidemann Matt (Adeline), millwright, 431 Lake.
Weidemann Peter (Lulu), pipefitter, 412 Messer.
Weight Carl, lab, 604 N Brown.
Weight Henry (Julia), stat eng, 604 N Brown.
Welch Dr T R, physician, 35 S Brown.
Weldon Frank (Edith), brakeman, 16 W Harvey.
Wenzel Frederica, milliner 3 S Brown, r 26 E Anderson.
Wesley Clarence, lab, 632 Dorr av.
Wesley Isabell (wid Richard), 632 Dorr av.
Wesley John, asst supt Paper Mill, 632 Dorr av.
Wesley Lillian, clk, 632 Dorr av.
Westcott Ernest (Matilda), restaurant 114 Thayer, r same.
Westcott Walter, lab, 210 Thayer.
Western Express Co, Warren Reed agt, 23 W Davenport.
Western Union Telegraph Co, S H Ashton agt, 15 W Davenport.
Westgate Dr H J (Ida), physician 34 S Brown, r 15 S Pelham.
Weston Charlotte (wid Oscar), 21 E Anderson.
Wetterhahn Geo (Pansy), clk, 633 Keenan.
Weymouth C F (Hazel), switchman, 417 W Phillip.
Wheeler Michael, saloon, 1 W Davenport.
Whelan James, N end Eagle across bridge.
Whelan Wm, 224 Thayer.
Whipple Frances (wid Wm), 411 Thayer.
Whitaker Carl, lab, 733 Carr.
Whitaker Ruth, tchr, 733 Carr.
Whitaker Wm (Jennie), lab, 733 Carr.
White Anna (wid Alex), 433 Alban.
White Della, tchr, 433 Thayer.
White Gilbert (Lillian), log cont, 21 Newbold.
White James A (Mary), com trav, 800 S Oneida av.
White J N (Anna), groceries 630 Mason, r 433 Thayer.
White John F, lab, 433 Alban.
White Joe (Anna), lab, 918 W Phillip.
White Kirke, clk 433 Thayer.
White Mabel, tchr, 433 Alban.
White Rachel, student, 433 Thayer.
White Stephen, lab, 938 W Phillip.
Whiting Dr J A, vet surg 212 S Stevens, r 31 S Brown.
Whitman Isaac (Anna), lab, 455 Lake.
Wick Andrew (Marie), lab, 930 Mason.
Wick Borgil, student, 930 Mason.
Wick Ole, yd foreman, 916 Mason.
Wickstrom Andrew, lab, 727 Mason.
Wiesen Mrs John, 10 S Brown.
Wight Thos (Julia), clk, 16 Itasca.
Wilcox Clyde, 1219 Minola.
Wilcox Wm (Grace), bkpr, 1210 Eagle.
Wilcox W F (Tina), cruiser, 1219 Minola.
Wilde John (Emma), ins agt, 817 Randall.
Wilhelm Louis (Mary), eng, 329 Thayer.
Wilkie Otto (Malvina), cabinet mkr, 1004 Dorr av.
Willette Ernest, meat cutter, 231 Mill.
Willette Jos (Etta), lab, 231 Mill.
Willette Wm, clk, 231 Mill.
Williams Geo D (Bessie), clk, 33 N Baird av.
Willy & Co, flour and feed, Seth Kimball mngr, 321 S Pelham.
Willman James (Clara), lab, 4 W Edgar.
Wilson A B (Sophie), tailor, 631 Randall.
Wilson A G, ofc man, 223 Pleasant.
Wilson A J (Laura), mill foreman, 628 Keenan.
Wilson Ethel, clk, 628 Keenan.
Wilson Frank, lineman, 631 Margaret.
Wilson Geo, sten, 628 Keenan.
Wilson Mrs James, 438 High.
Winkler Julius (Martha), stat fireman, 915 River.
Winquist August (Pearl), lab, 627 Newald.
Winquist Henry (Emma), millwright, 119 E Anderson.
Winquist Oscar, lab, 829 Shepard.
Winquist Otto (Alice), lab, 829 Shepard.
Wirth Chas M, sale stable, G Urbank loc agt, 213 S Anderson.
Wisconsin Veneer Co (A D Daniels pres, R C Dayton sec), S end Brown.
Wiseman Jos (Jacobsen D G Co), 525 S Oneida av.
Witter Edward (Carine), shingle and lath cont, 113 Itasca.
Wixson C A (Rose), Rhldr Lighting co, r 316 E Dahl.
Wixson Julia (wid Jos), 316 E Dahl.
Woiak Jos (Bertha), lab, 334 N Pelham.
Wold Andrew (Josephone), 321 W Edgar.
Wolden Peter, lab, 3 N Brown.
Woodman May, tel opr, 627 Newell.
Wood T C Hdw Co, T C Wood prop, 35 S Brown.
Woznick Frank (Anna), tmstr, 639 Arbutus.
Wright S A ( ), teaming, 330 N Stevens.
Wright Viola, 330 N Stevens.
Writt Maggie, 530 Thayer.
Writt Wm, lab, 530 Thayer.

Yach Anton (Verona), lab, 716 Bryant.
Yach Jacob (Mary), lab, 411 Messer.
Yach Julius, lab, 411 Messer.
Yenor Frank (Wilda), saloon 204 Thayer, r same.
Yenor Louis (Katherine), 204 Thayer.
Yenor Warren (Alma), sawyer, 507 Alban.
Yok Yee, laundry, 7 W King.
Young Alphonse (Frances), lab, 933 Eagle.

Zabel Mrs Lou, 23 S Pelham.
Zacharias Adolph, lab, 210 N Brown.
Zacharias August (Emma), lab, 210 N Brown.
Zacharias Sophie, 210 N Brown.
Zander H C (Augusta), prop Majestic Theatre, mgr Grand Opera House, r 19 W Frederick.
Zehms August (Amelia), lab, 909 Arbutus.
Zkryk Chas (Stella), 325 N Pelham.
Zoromski Leo (Helen), lab, 1002 Pinos.
Zumach Erwin, lab, 215 Alban.
Zumach Wm, lab, 215 Alban.
Zutz Blanche, student, 722 Mason.
Zutz Fred (Maria), mill foreman, 722 Mason.
Zvara Jos, lab, 115 W Rives.

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