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Rhinelander City Directory 1912-1913

Taggart Geo, clk, 233 Lincoln.
Taggart Mary (wid Patrick), 217 Anderson..
Tapetski Felix, lab, 128 S Brown..
Taylor Alexander, billiards and pool, 107 S Stevens, res 5 W Davenport..
Taylor Arthur, Rhinelander Bottling Wks, res 214 Clark..
Taylor J L, bkpr, 125 S Pelham..
Teal Jerome, ins agt, res 115 E King..
Teal Mrs Mary, 115 E King..
Tegatz Ella, sten, 916 Arbutus..
Tegatz Fred, lab, 916 Arbutus..
Tegatz Gusta, clk, 916 Artubus..
Tegatz Martha, tchr, 916 Arbutus..
TePaski Hannah, maid, 28 N Pelham..
Terczynski Walter, 427 Thayer..
Tetzloff Anna, dom, 309 Edgar..
Tetzloff Gertrude, dom, 309 Edgar..
Thomas Wm, carp, 20 Alban..
Thompson C J, plumber, 235 Anderson..
Thompson Edward, lineman, 821 Randall..
Thompson Edward, btdr, 138 S Brown..
Thompson Geo, mason, 1115 Eagle..
Thompson Hope, clk, 728 S Oneida av..
Thompson Knute, lab, 222 Thayer..
Thompson M H, forest ranger, 622 Arbutus..
Thompson Oliver, lab, 1320 Eagle..
Thompson Peter, lab, 646 Alban..
Thorman Gust, lab, 624 Balsam..
Thursey Jacob, lab, 605 N Brown..
Thurston Ida, tchr, 109 Mercer..
Thurston Chas, 109 Mercer..
Tickler Wm, lab, 1124 Rose..
Timmons Frank, lab, 524 Thayer..
Tober Chas, barbershop 7 N Brown, res .821 Arbutus..
Tomalty Wm J, 417 S Pelham..
Tompkins Robert F, (Rhldr Prod & Com Co), 109 S Pelham .
Tomsen C L, carp, 521 S Oneida av..
Tomtshad Anna (wid Frank), 571 Pelican..
Topping Delbert, bkpr, 17 W Prospect av..
Town Hall Pelican, 132 E Anderson..
Traigia Katherine (wid Barth), 15 E Pearl..
Transted Martin, lab, 803 Mason..
Trauvant Wm, lab, 804 Dorr av..
Treleven Nellie, sec Rhldr Iron Co, 120 E King..
Treleven Theo, eng, 120 E King..
Tremont House, Gust Gustafson prop, 222 Thayer..
Tripp Ben R, carp, 622 S Oneida av..
Trogner O G, millwright, 522 S Pelham..
Trotier Chas, lab, 33 Mercer..
Trotier Henry, lab, 815 Shepard..
Trumbull James, mason, 302 Lincoln..
Tubbs James, scaler, 223 Anderson..
Tunney Katherine (wid John), 1132 Curran..
Turgeon Peter, electr, 903 Dorr av..
Tushkoski Nicholas, lab, 716 Bryant..
Tuttle Harvey, filer, 16 S Oneida..
Udkler Albert, dry goods 220 Thayer, res 228 Messer..
Ulrich Marie, dom, 11 E King..
Urbank A G, horse dealer 213 Anderson, res 603 Randall..
Usher Wm, cook, 616 S Oneida av..
Van Alstyne John W, mgr Sulphite Mill, res 103 S Pelham..
VanCourt Geo, lab 528 N Brown..
VanCourt, Thos, lab, 1124 Curran..
Vanness Joseph, lab, 852 Eagle..
Vanness Jule, 852 Eagle..
Vanney Gust, lab, 319 Messer.
Vanney Henry, lab, 658 Mason..
Vasser Ernest, lab, 165 Mill..
Vaughan Chas, cruiser, 104 E King..
Vaughan Chauncey, electr 590 W Davenport.
Vaughan Clayton, surveyor, 20 N Stevens..
Vaughan D H, Co Surveyor, 31 S Brown, res same..
Vaughan Donald, student, 20 N Stevens..
Vaughan Lucille, M O clk P O, 114 S Oneida av..
Vaughan Lynn, 104 E King..
Verage John, lab, 504 S Pelham..
Vilas Wm, lab, 130 Thayer..

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