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Rhinelander City Directory 1912-1913

Racket Store, D Kirk & Co props, glassware and notions, 116 S Brown.
Raczaszek Rev Paul, S T L, St Joseph's Polish Catholic Church, res 19 N Stevens..
Ramsdell Jeffries, lab, 1040 Prospect av E..
Ramsdell Walter, lab, 1040 Prospect av E..
Rantz Chas, J, architect, ofc 34 S Brown, res same..
Rapids House, Mrs M J Chafee prop, cor King and S Stevens..
Raske Frank, lab, 709 Wabash..
Rasmussen Peter, lab, 131 N Anderson..
Rathbun Bidford, lab, 634 Keenan..
Rayford Ellen (wid Herman), 1012 Eagle..
Rayford Irvin, lab, 1012 Eagle..
Raymond Lucinda (wid James), 108 N Brown..
Raymond M H, cashier Merch State Bk, res 210 Atlantic..
Raymond Mary (wid Henry), res 804 Wabash..
Read Lyndon B, tchr, 617 S Baird av..
Reardon J J, drug store 101 S Brown, res 215 Atlantic..
Reardon Ronald, student, 215 Atlantic..
Reardon Una, tchr, 215 Atlantic..
Recha John, lab, 424 High..
Recker D F, res 15 N Pelham..
Redfield Jefferson, student, 110 E Anderson..
Redfield Raymond, student, 110 E Anderson..
Redfield Thos, yd master C & N W, 110 E Anderson.
Redfield Vern, student, 110 E Anderson..
Reed Howard Sr, 216 Grant..
Reed Howard Jr, mail carrier, 216 Grant..
Reed John, lab, 432 Lincoln..
Reed Rex, pharmacist, 216 Grant..
Reed Richard, Asst Post Master, 215 E King..
Reed Warren V, agt Amer Exp Co, res 422 S Pelham..
Reevs Harry, L, Miller & Reevs, res 325 E Rives..
Regal Emil, lab, 415 N Stevens..
Reid Chas, lab, 119 E Kemp..
Reiser Ludwig, lab, 403 Mill..
Reitsch August, carp, 305 S Pelham..
Remo Clyde, bkpr, 406 Dahl..
Remo Elizabeth, student, 406 Dahl..
Remo John J, lands and real estate, 11 W Davenport, res 406 Dahl..
Rendell A O, millwright, 9 S Pehlam..
Reno Adolph, lab, 316 Messer..
Reno Daniel, lab, 316 Messer..
Reno Mose, lab, 134 S Stevens..
Retzlaff John, 316 Lincoln..
Reynolds Anna, student, 232 N Brown..
Reynolds Elizabeth (wid John), 232 N Brown..
Reynolds John, tinsmith, 232 N Brown..
Reynolds Leo, 315 N Brown..
Reynolds Wm, lab, 232 N Brown..
Rezin John, 128 S Pelham..
Rheaume Anton, butcher, 203 N Stevens..
Rheaume Fred, lab, 910 Arbutus..
Rheaume Mabel, student, 203 N Stevens..
Rheaume Ralph, student, 203 N Stevens..
Rhinelander Bottling Works, Arthur Taylor prop, 715 N Stevens..
Rhinelander Brwg Co, (J M Baker pres, Geo Hilgerman sec), S end Arbutus..
Rhinelander Builders Supply Co, W D Brown prop, W Davenport..
Rhinelander Bldg & Loan Assn (A Taylor pres, Mrs. A W Shelton sec), 15 W Davenport..
Rhinelander Creamer & Produce Co (A R & F W Meen), 120 S Stevens..
Rhinelander Iron Co (Peter Didier pres, Nellie Trelevan sec), plant Phillip and Messer..
Rhinelander Lighting Co (E A Forbes pres, C A Wixson sec and treas), ofc and sub-station W Davenport..
Rhinelander Lumber & Coal Co, (O A Jenne pres, S D Sutliff sec and mgr), ofc cor Alban, N Anderson and Frederick..
Rhinelander Refrigerator Co, (E O Brown pres, R A Riek sec and mgr), mnfrs of refrigerators, ofc Kemp and Bruner..
Rhinelander Mutual Telephone Co (Arthur Taylor pres, Geo Mahoney sec, H W McWayne mgr), ofc 34 S Brown..
Rhinelander News, E E Payne editor, 21 S Stevens..
Rhinelander Paper Co (A W Brown pres, Paul Browne sec, Wm Eibel mgr), mnfrs of paper, ofc and mill, W Davenport..
Rhinelander Power Co (W E Brown pres, C A Wixson sec), ofc W Davenport..
Rhinelander Produce & Commission Co (John Hess pres, R F Tompkins sec), ofc and warehouse 332-336 Thayer..
Rhodes Elizabeth (wid Bert), 121 S Brown..
Rhodes John, lab, 415 E Frederick..
Rice Edward, lab, 12 E Anderson..
Rice Frank, painter, 805 Barnes..
Rice John, lab, 555 Alban..
Rice Ruth, student, 545 W Davenport..
Rice S W, lab, 812 Carr..
Richards Dr C A, physician and surgeon, 4 W Davenport, res 217 Pleasant..
Richards Earl, lab, 17 S Brown..
Richards Elsie, dressmaking, 211 S Brown, r same..
Richards Eunice (wid Louis), dressmaker, 1 1-2 King..
Richards G A, electr, 527 W Davenport..
Richards Lucy, 1 W King..
Richardson Anna, dom, 3 N Brown..
Richter Arthur, lab, 804 Dorr av..
Richter Barney, lab, 115 W Rives..
Richter Geo, lab, 415 Mill..
Richter Mary (wid Frank), 804 Dorr av..
Ricker Fred, scaler, 728 S Oneida av..
Rideout Wm L, mgr Elect Light Plant, 403 E Frederick..
Riek E K, bkpr, 625 Eastern av..
Riek R A, sec and mgr Rhinelander Refrigerator Co res 16 S Pelham..
Riely Dora (wid John), 1233 Minola..
Riley Arthur, lab, 426 Messer..
Rindal Joel, lab, 422 N Brown..
Rindal Louis, lab, 427 Messer..
Rindal Ole, lab, 515 N Stevens..
Rindal Oscar, clk, 422 N Brown..
Rindal Thos, lab, 422 N Brown..
Rinka Paul, lab, 318 N Brown..
Rinus Wm, lineman, 425 S Pelham..
Risley H L, foreman Soo roundhouse, 433 Messer..
Robbins F S (Robbins Lbr Co), res 19 S Pelham..
Robbins Lumber Co (F S robbins pres, Mrs. Hattie L McIndoe sec), mnfrs and wholesalers lumber, ofc and mill 1021 Thayer..
Robertson James, lab, 526 N Stevens..
Roberts Alice, 227 Dahl..
Robinson Anthony, yd foreman, 627 Mason..
Rodd & Wold, gents furnishings, 10 S Brown..
Rodd Edward, clk, 704 Mason..
Rodd Gunda, maid, 204 Atlantic..
Rodd Hans (Rodd & Wold), 415 Thayer..
Roden & Harwood (Ole Roden, Wm R Harwood), meatmarket, 28 S Brown..
Roden Chas, lab, 510 Messer..
Roden Ole (Roden & Harwood), 510 Messer..
Roepcke C H, harness shop 135 S Stevens, res 727 Dorr av..
Roepcke Henry, foreman, 721 Mason..
Rogers Chas, lab, 17 W Prospect..
Rogers Edgar H, mgr Osceola Milling and Elevator Co, res 228 E King..
Rogers Frank L, groceries 730 Wabash, res same..
Rogers Mary (wid H), 639 Shepard..
Rogers Olive, sten, 228 E King..
Rogers Oliver, clk, 716 Wabash..
Rogers Phillip, mgr b B ofc, 924 Randall..
Rolain Alfred, grocer 1144 Eagle, res 1254 Eagle..
Rolain Chas, lab, 1254 Eagle..
Roller, Geo, lab, 521 Messer..
Ronning Carl, lab, 734 Mason..
Roschek Geo, night supt Rfgr plant, 711 Randall..
Rose Elizabeth, student, 521 Messer..
Rose Frank, opr, 14 E Davenport..
Rosemark Agnes, dressmaker 13 W Davenport, res same..
Rosemark Anton, lab, 709 Mason..
Rosemark, Geo, lab, 126 S Brown..
Rosenzwig Mrs Geo, 718 Margaret..
Ross Blanche, 26 E Harvey..
Ross Chas, carp, 25 E Harvey..
Ross Mary (wid Daniel), 815 Shepard..
Rothwell Arthur, lab, 610 Mason..
Rothwell Edward C, lab, 610 Mason..
Rothwell John, lab, 610 Mason..
Rothwell Madia, 610 Mason..
Rouman Peter, candy kitchen 22 S Brown, res 10 S Brown..
Rouman Geo, 10 S Brown..
Rousseau Raymond, lab, 718 Dorr av..
Rowen Wm, lab, 681 N Brown..
Rozell Walter, painter, 811 Bruner..
Ruggles Cora, tel opr, 233 N Brown..
Ruggles Mrs Katherine, 233 N Brown..
Ruggles Earl, lab, 233 N Brown..
Ruggles Wm, lab, 233 N Brown..
Rummery Geo, mgr R B Supply Co, res 403 Messer..
Russ Jay, lab, 821 Wabash..
Russell Fred, lab, 915 Dorr av..
Russell Henry, lab, 302 Lincoln..
Russell John, lab, 127 Mercer..
Russell John, lab, 17 S Brown..
Russell Wm, carp, 31 S Brown..
Rutherford Mrs D, 721 Dorr av..
Rutherford Elizabeth, 555 Alban..
Rutherford Mae, waitress, 555 Alban..
Rutledge Frank, lab, 1148 Eagle..
Rutz Julius, lab, 104 E Anderson..
Ryan Owen, woods foreman, 221 Conro..
Ryland A J, loc eng, 709 Dorr av..
Sage Patrick, lab, 1143 Eagle..
Sampson Christ, lab, 410 N Brown..
Samuelson Herman, lab, 626 Mason..
Samuelson Samuel, btdr, 3 N Brown..
Samways H J, mason, 803 Keenan..
Sandberg John, lab, 3 N Brown..
Sandled Julius, btdr, 803 Mason..
Sands Chas, lab, 819 Carr..
Sands James, cruiser, 235 Anderson..
Sanker John, lab, 434 Thayer..
Sanns James, com trav, 632 W Davenport..
Sanns Mabel, student, 632 W Davenport..
Sapalsky John, lab, No 1 Foundry Blk..
Sargent John, lab, 827 Keenan..
Saterstrom Bert, bkpr, 634 Arbutus..
Saterstrom Louis, groceries 211 S Brown, res 634 Arbutus..
Saterstrom Theo, clk, 634 Arbutus..
Sawtell Frank C, bookstore 15 W Davenport, res 148 S Oneida ave..
Sawyer Delphina (wid Harry), 646 Alban..
Sax Chas, bkpr, 515 Thayer..
Scandinavian Hall, 301 N Brown..
Schafer Harry, lab, 428 Thayer..
Schafer Wm, lab, 428 Thayer..
Schauder Adolph, boot and shoe store, 146-148 S Brown, res 316 Lincoln..
Schellenger Edward, 21 E Newbold..
Schellenger Elmer H, baggageman, 416 Thayer..
Schellenger H E, foreman Soo roundhouse, 416 Thayer..
Scheller Edward, lab, 138 S Brown..
Scherz Michael, 329 Thayer..
Schiek Dr I E, physician and surgeon, 16 W Davenport, res 230 Grant..
Schilbred Gustaf, lab, 214 Messer..
Schimeck Anna, dom, 35 S Stevens..
Schlais Carrie, com 35 S Stevens..
Schlichting August, 132 S Brown..
Schlichting Edward, 703 Keenan..
Schlichting Wm, lab, 132 S Brown..
Schliesmann Adam F, agt Pabst Brg Co, res 103 E King..
Schliesmann Alice, sten, 103 E King..
Schliesmann Leona, 103 E King..
Schliesmann Paul, 103 E King..
Schlitz Brwg Co, Patrick Keenan agt, warehouse cor S Brown and Anderson..
Schlitz Hotel, Arvid Mode prop, 138 S Brown..
Schlottke Albert, lab, 9 E Pearl..
Schlottke August, lab, 804 Arbutus..
Schlottke Herman, lab, 827 Arbutus..
Schlottke Mary, 9 E Pearl..
Schlottke Otto, lab, 9 E Pearl..
Schlottke Paul, lab, 9 E Pearl..
Schmitz Barney, lab, 218 Itasca..
Schouldice Geo, btdr, 218 W Frederick..
Schreves Smith, carp, 521 Thayer..
Schulke Henry, lab, 1016 Mason..
Schulke Herman, mill foreman, 1126 Curran..
Schulke Myrtle, tchr, 1016 Mason..
Schulke Robert, lab, 1016 Mason..
Schulstrom Andrew, lab, 722 Thayer..
Schultz Albert, carp, 24 Itasca..
Schultz Gusta, dressmkr, 709 Randall..
Schumann W C, bkpr, 635 Keenan..
Schwaiger Matthew, jan. 637 Carr..
Schwartz Archibald, lab, 235 Anderson..
Scott C W, C & N W agt, res 33 N Baird av..
Scott Effie (wid C), laundress, 309 S Pelham..
Scott Hazel, student, 33 N Baird av..
Seabloom Axel, clothes cleaner 106 S Brown, res same..
Secard Wm, pharmacist, 9 E Pearl..
Segel Richard, lab, 224 Thayer..
Segerstrom Henry, bkpr, 128 N Brown..
Segerstrom J, jeweler 13 W Davenport, res 128 N Brown.
. Segerstrom Signa, 128 N Brown..
Seibel A B, 616 Arbutus..
Seibel Harry, salesman, 210 E King..
Seibel Katherine, student, 210 E King..
Seibel Peter F, prop Hub Clothing Store, 103-105 S Brown, res 210 E King..
Seith Henry, lab, 704 Carr..
Seraphin John, lab, 698 Mason..
Severson Gunval, lab, 138 S Brown..
Sewell Roy H, com trav, 721 Arbutus..
Shandala John, cigarmaker, 126 S Brown..
Shannon Wm, 235 Anderson..
Shaw Barney, blksmith, 235 Anderson..
Shaw Fred, scaler, 407 S Pelham..
Sheehan James, 132 S Brown..
Sheehan Lillian, 132 S Brown..
Shellpeper Ernest, lab, 17 W Harvey..
Sheloski Jos, lab, 527 N Stevens..
Shelp Harvey, 693 N Brown..
Shelp Margaret, tchr, 693 N Brown..
Shelp Thos H, cruiser, 693 N Brown..
Shelton Mrs A W, sec Bldg & Loan Assn, 14 W Davenport, res 123 E Davenport..
Shelton Margaret, tchr, 123 E Davenport..
Shepard Elizabeth, 527 Thayer..
Shepard Chas F, com trav, 703 Dorr av..
Shepard Claude, clk, 214 Conro..
Shepard E A, mason, 527 Thayer..
Shepard E S, lands, res "The Pines", S end Kemp..
Shepard Gertrude, student, 703 Dorr av..
Shepard Layton, 214 Conro..
Shepard Mildred M, 214 Conro..
Shepard Wm, carp, 527 Thayer..
Sherman Alexander, clk, 640 Arbutus..
Sherman Willard, lab, 604 Dorr av..
Shewe Henry, lab, 406 N Brown..
Shier Osborne, mgr Pop Factory, 214 Clark..
Shorey Henry, lab, 724 Wabash..
Shorey Oliver, eng, 915 Margaret..
Shoultz Jos, lab, 818 Margaret..
Shue Peter, lab, 3 N Stevens..
Shultz John, lab, 312 N Stevens..
Sidel August, lab, 421 Mill..
Sidel Fred, lab, 415 Mill..
Sieg Daniel, painter, 715 Dorr..
Sievwright Archie, lands, real estate, ofc 32 S Brown, res 233 Dahl..
Sievwright Harry E, 222 Atlantic..
Siglinski Lena, cook, 115 S Stevens..
Silvers Geo, lab, 120 E Kemp..
Sister Lucretia, Supt St Mary's Parochial School, 106 Conro..
Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother, St Mary's Hospital, 1050 E Prospect av..
Sister Superior M Clotildis, St Mary's Hospital, 1050 E Prospect av..
Skubal Albert, carp, 21 E Harvey..
Skubal Emil, lab, 115 W Edgar..
Skubal Jos Sr, saloon 202 Thayer, res 202 Thayer..
Skubal Jos Jr, btdr, 202 Thayer..
Skubal Peter, lab, 504 N Brown..
Slattery Nora, 170 S Pelham..
Slinder Amond, blksmith, 315 N Stevens..
Slossen E J, agt Soo, 209 Lincoln..
Slossen Harry, reporter, 209 Lincoln..
Slossen Margaret, student, 209 Lincoln..
Slossen Raymond, student, 209 Lincoln..
Slusher Chas, taxidermist, 420 Conro..
Smaglyk Stella, dom, 126 S Brown..
Smith Atwood, scaler, 409 Dahl..
Smith Burrell, pugilist, 118 W Rives.
. Smith Calvin, loc eng, 833 Mason..
Smith Chas F, lawyer, 4 W Davenport, res..
Smith Chas G, eng, 122 Mercer..
Smith Clarisse, student, 509 S Oneida av..
Smith Edward E, lab, 509 S Oneida av..
Smith Fred, bkpr, 1022 Keenan..
Smith Geo L, loc eng, 820 Thayer..
Smith John, lab, 641 N Brown..
Smith Peter, btdr, 235 Anderson..
Smith Wm, 331 Dahl..
Smith Zida (wid Frank), 1009 Mason..
Smitke Maggie (wid Edward), 1006 Pinos..
Snartemo Rev J A, pastor Norwegian Lutheran Church, 724 Eagle..
Snyder Eva, housekeeper, 5 Mill Lot E..
Snyder Frank, foreman car repairers, 640 Alban..
Soderlund Matthew, lab, 846 Eagle..
Sohr Arthur, lab, 818 Keenan..
Sohr Henry, painter, 818 Keenan..
Sohr John, lab, 818 Keenan..
Soik Alexander, lab, 122 Phillip..
Somers G I, opr, 14 E Harvey..
Sonsthagen Henry, lab, 840 Eagle..
Sonsthagen Sophie, 840 Eagle..
Sonsthagen Theron, lab, 840 Eagle..
Soo Barber Shop, Fred Krueger prop. 136 Thayer..
Soo Depot, W Davenport, frt ofc cor Thayer and Edgar..
Soo House, E W Flansburg prop, 210 Thayer..
Sorenson John C, contr, 228 N Brown..
Sorenson Leslie, student, 228 N Brown..
Sorenson Raymond, bkpr, 228 N Brown..
South Park School, 724 Arbutus..
Sparks, Alton, lab, 604 Dorr av..
Spliss Daniel, lab, 915 River..
Squiers E G, jewelry store, 21 W Davenport, res 116 S Oneida av..
Stacey Alexander, saloon, 4 S Brown, res 33 N Stevens..
Stadtinger J J, lab, 727 Arbutus..
Stafford James, lab, 507 Alban..
Stafford Michael, 507 Alban..
Standard Oil, E Cronkrite agt, tank and warehouse cor Mercer and Randall..
Stapleton Grover, student, 332 Lincoln..
Stapleton May, student, 332 Lincoln..
Stapleton Matthew, real estate and lands, 34 S Brown, res 332 Lincoln..
Starks Timothy, lab, 25 E Anderson..
Statz Otto, lab, 627 Arbutus..
Steadman Anna (wid Steven), 627 Arbutus..
Steadman Wallace, lab, 821 Bruner..
Steckel Frank, fireman, 322 N Brown..
Steckel Henry, lab, 322 N Brown..
Steele H F, City Atty, law ofc, 14 W Davenport, res 325 Dahl..
Stefanek John, lab, 126 S Brown..
Stefanek Michael, btdr, 128 S Brown..
Sterchi Edward, laundryman, 113 E Rives..
Stevens Wm, Stevens Lbr Co, res 228 Clark..
Stevens Lumber Co, ofc W Edgar..
Stevens Point Hotel, August Fliss prop, 113-115 W Rives..
Stingle Wm, lab, 1 S Brown..
St Joseph's Polish Catholic Church, 19 N Stevens..
St Mary's Hospital, 1050 E Prospect av..
St Mary's Roman Catholic Church, 133 E King..
St Mary's School, 106 Conro..
Stoddard Geo, mason contr, 816 Randall..
Stoltz John, lab, 933 Eagle..
Stone Flint, salesman, 815 Arbutus..
Stone Geo, lab, 235 Anderson.
Stone Peter, lab, 3 N Brown..
Strangstad John, lab, 1034 Mason..
Stransky Celia (wid Anton), 132 S Pelham..
Straub Maurice, chief of Police, res 659 Mason..
Stromberg Nels, lab, 3 N Brown..
Strope Edward, lab, 536 Thayer..
Strope Frank C, farmer, 122 S Oneida av..
Stumpner Louis, turning factory W Davenport, res 205 E Anderson..
Stumpner Raymond, bkpr, 205 E Anderson..
Sturdevant E C, clk of Court, res 21 N Pelham..
Sturdevant Henry, lab, 315 Edgar..
Sturdevant Ingeborg (wid Andrew), 315 Edgar..
Sturgis Geo, lab, 16 Ann..
Styzer Florence, dom, 235 Anderson..
Sullivan Elizabeth, tchr, 733 Mason..
Sullivan John, woodsman, 131 S Brown..
Sullivan John, lab, 644 Mason..
Sullivan Michael, elect, 231 Messer..
Summers Jos, lab, 504 Messer..
Sundquist Minnie, cook, 3 N Brown..
Sundsten Victor, lab, 1022 Mason..
Sustins Sarah (wid Wm), 730 Wabash av.
. Sutliff Solon D, Sec and Mgr Rhldr Lbr & Coal Co, res 421 Dahl..
Sutton A D, city treas, 424 Phillip (address crossed off and 333 Messer handwritten in).
Sutton Albert, plumber, 327 Vaughn..
Sutton John, lab, 327 Vaughn..
Sutton Margaret, tchr, 214 Clark..
Sveke Henry, lab, 224 Thayer..
Swansen Chas, lab, 610 N Brown..
Swansen Edmon, bkpr, 621 Arbutus..
Swansen Fred, lab, 514 Messer..
Swansen Minnie, 514 Messer..
Swansen Sarah, tchr, 621 Arbutus..
Swansen Siwert, lab, 621 Arbutus..
Swanson August, lab, 1016 Pinos..
Swanson Peter, lab, 514 Messer..
Swartz John Sr, eng 471 Lake..
Swartz John Jr, cond, 421 Thayer..
Swartz Samuel, 651 Mason..
Swedberg Arthur, lab, 503 Thayer..
Swedberg Geo, plummer, 1015 Mason..
Swedberg Gust, city Clerk, 1015 Mason..
Swedberg Helga, asst librarian, 503 Thayer..
Swedberg John, hd sawyer, 503 Thayer..
Swedberg Walfred, lab, 503 Thayer..
Swedish Baptist Church, 664 Mason..
Swedish Lutheran Church, cor Alban and Mason..
Sweo August, lab, 950 Philip..
Sweo Emil, lab, 212 S Stevens..
Sweo Sella, tchr, 922 Phillip..
Sweo Thos, lab, 303 Kemp..

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