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Rhinelander City Directory 1912-1913

Oakey Anna, tchr, 7 N Pelham.
Oberklaner Frank, lab, 1019 Pinos.
Oberklaner Julia, clk, 1019 Pinos.
O'Brien W J, policeman, 435 Lake.
O'Connell Thos, btdr, 235 Anderson.
O'Connor Anna (wid C H), 114 S Oneida av.
O'Connor Daniel, lab, 125 S Brown.
Oddfellows' Hall, 125 S Stevens.
Odin Chas, lab, 804 Eagle.
O'Donnell David, lab, 551 Alban.
Oestrich Chas, lab, 933 Pinos.
O'Hare Thos, 103 Mercer.
Okerlund Olaf, pastore Swedish Baptist Church, 686 Mason.
Olander Hjalmar, lab, 622 Mason.
Olberg Edward, lab, 834 Thayer.
Olberg Hans, lab, 834 Thayer.
Olbrantz Anton, lab, 115 W Rives.
Olbrantz John, lab, 325 N Pelham.
Olbrantz Steven, lab, 115 W Rives.
"Old Frank", jack of all trades, W Davenport near bridge.
Ollhoff Robert, saloon, 114 S Brown, res 114 S Brown.
Olsen Gust, lab, 1215 River.
Olsen Mabel, 1215 River.
Olsen Mary, 223 Mill.
Olson Andrew, jan, 910 Mason.
Olson Andrew P, lab, 327 N Stevens.
Olson Andrew, lab, 727 Mason.
Olson Bernard, lab, 209 N Brown.
Olson Carl, student, 703 Mason.
Olson Carrie, 128 N Brown.
Olson Chas, lab, 650 Alban.
Olson Esther, dressmkr, 910 Mason.
Olson Gust, lab, 663 N Brown.
Olson Helmer, lab, 426 N Stevens.
Olson Hugo, lab, 641 Keenan.
Olson Karl, lab, 224 Thayer.
Olson Magnus, lab, 828 Mason.
Olson Peter, groceries, 703 Mason, res same.
Olson Wm, lab, 231 Messer.
O'Malley Anthony, barber, 16 S Brown, res 11 N Stevens.
O'Malley James, night policeman, 304 Phillip.
O'Malley John, salesman, 323 Messer.
O'Malley Jos, lab, 323 Messer.
O'Malley Mary, 323 Messer.
O'Malley Patrick, brakeman, 323 Messer.
O'Malley Thos, lab, 323 Messer.
O'Melia A J, lawyer, 15 W Davenport, res 327 E Frederick.
O'Melia James Sr, lumberman, 327 E Frederick.
O'Melia James Jr (Conro Lbr Co), 31 N Baird av.
O'Melia Margaret, student, 327 E Frederick.
Oneida Gas Co (A D Daniels pres, E D Sterling sec), ofc 129 S Stevens, plant cor Park and Pelham.
Oneida Handle Co (C J Thompson pres, R G Lowell sec), plant S end city
. Oneida Plumbing and Heating Co, Geo J Meekma prop, 15 S Brown.
Oneida Steam Laundry, W C Hawkins prop, 11 S Brown.
O'Neil Florence, 471 Lake.
O'Palka Wm, lab, 625 Randall.
Orr Wm C, ins agt, 34 S Brown, res 230 S Stevens.
Osborne Henry, printer, 116 W Phillip.
Osceola Mill & Elevator co, E H Rogers loc mgr, flour, feed, grain and hay, 119 W Davenport.
Owen Thos J, timber est, 134 S Stevens.
Owens A A, lab, 647 Eastern av.
Owens Edward, 516 W Pelican.
Owens Harriet E, 516 W Pelican.
Owl Buffet, James Coffey prop, 16 S Brown.
Pabst Brg Co, A F Schliesman loc agt, warehouse W end Rives.
Packard Edward, lab, 610 Balsam.
Palm Gust, lab, 686 Thayer.
Palubicke John, carp, 657 N Brown.
Panabaker Edna, 303 E Frederick.
Panabaker Lewis, filer, 303 E Frederick
Panko John, lab, 540 Thayer.
Panko Samuel, lab, 540 Thayer.
Pankratz Edward, lab, 1 Lake.
Pankratz Ethel, 1 Lake.
Pankratz Orpha, 1 Lake.
Paquette Victor, lab, 916 Eagle.
Parker Frank (Markham & Parker), 109 S Pelham.
Parochial School, 109 Conro.
Patterson F, City Assessor, 534 S Pelham.
Paulick John, lab, 804 Dorr av.
Paulk Chas, yd foreman, 227 Dahl.
Paulk Marie, 227 Dahl.
Paulson Albert O, lab, 1382 Eagle.
Paulson C M, grocer 1133 River, res 1135 River.
Paulson Mindie, clk, 1135 River.
Pautz Chas, general store 126 Thayer, res 126 Thayer.
Pauzak Martin, lab, 415 Lake.
Payette Alexander Sr, lab, 704 Arbutus.
Payette Alexander Jr, btdr, 810 Arbutus.
Payette Anthony, lab, 704 Arbutus.
Payette Eli, lab, 704 Arbutus.
Payette Emma, 704 Arbutus.
Payne E E, editor Rhinelander News, res, 204 E Anderson.
Pearson Dr A W, homoeopathic physician, Rapids House, 134 S Stevens.
Pearson Anna (wid Nels), 539 Alban.
Pearson Nels, 539 Alban.
Peck A H, lab, 628 Newell.
Peck Lyll, lab, 633 Newell.
Pecor Albert, carp, 907 Phillip.
Pecor Emma, student, 907 Phillip.
Pecor Frank, saloon, 2 N Anderson, res 712 Mill.
Pecor Fred, lab, 333 Gardner.
Pecor Geo, lab, 515 N Pelham.
Pecor Isabelle, tchr, 907 Phillip.
Pecor John, lab, 907 Phillip.
Pecor Minnie, 165 Mill.
Pecor Nazaire Sr, lab, 510 N Stevens.
Pecor Nazaire Jr, butcher, 333 N Stevens.
Pecor Wm, lab, 313 W Harvey.
Peep Hazel, 704 Randall.
Peikard Fred, scaler, 3 N Brown.
Pelletier Wm, lab, 828 Margaret.
Pelong J D, lab, 627 Dorr av.
Pelong Wm, lab, 126 E Phillip.
Penning Harry, lab, 125 S Pelham.
Peplinski Frank, lab, 115 W Rives.
Perault Henry A, cond, 815 Mason.
Perinier Maurice, student, 710 Randall.
Perinier Samuel, cont and builder, 710 Randall.
Perkins Elizabeth (wid Marcus), 219 S Pelham.
Perrault Alfred, lab, 415 Conro.
Perrault Phillip, lab, 415 Conro.
Perron Fred, btdr, 170 S Oneida av.
Perrot R, cond, 303 Thayer.
Perry Chas, lab, 434 Messer.
Peter Chas, lab, 622 N Brown.
Peter Wm, lab, 810 Eagle.
Peters Frank, 631 Randall.
Peterson Alfred, lab, 515 Messer.
Peterson Alfred, lab, 522 Messer.
Peterson & Nylund (Gust Peterson, Alfred Nylund), groceries, 303 N Brown.
Peterson Bertha, maid, 121 S Pelham.
Peterson Carrie (wid John), 117 Ocala.
Peterson Chas (Barns-Weesner Agency), res 110 S Pelham.
Peterson Fred, lab, 1112 Mason.
Peterson Gust (Peterson & Nylund), res 710 Thayer.
Peterson Gust, lab, 3 N Brown.
Peterson Gust, lab, 1118 Curran.
Peterson Harry, carp, 117 Ocala.
Peterson P W, foreman, 421 Messer.
Peterson Robert, jan. 804 Mason.
Peterson Theodore, lab, 117 Ocala.
Petey Katherine (wid John), 324 Lincoln.
Petey Louis, bkpr, 324 Lincoln.
Petta August, lab, 509 N Stevens.
Petta Robert, lab, 432 High.
Pette Florian, 692 Mason.
Pette Martha, dom, 222 Thayer.
Petty Floyd, 235 Anderson.
Phelps James, 302 Lincoln.
Phillip Peter, florist 312 N Brown, res same.
Pida Chris, lab, 915 River.
Piele Mathias, lab, 305 Rib.
Pierce A S, ofc 2 W Davenport, res 310 Dahl.
Pingree Mrs. G C, 405 Dahl.
Pinkart Peter, lab, 1027 Keenan.
Pireaux Florence, nurse, 15 N Pelham
. Plankey Delore, lab, 534 Thayer.
Plugh B T, lab, 660 Alban.
Plugh Nellie, tchr, 660 Alban.
Plunkett Margaret, clk, 715 Keenan.
Plunkett Nellie, 715 Keenan.
Plunkett Patrick, scaler, 715 Keenan.
Pluskata Rose, dom, 126 S Brown.
Pohnel John, lab, 697 Mason.
Polaskie Jos, painter, 125 S Pelham.
Polebitski Frank, sawyer, 134 Mercer.
Polebitski Thos, lab, 134 Mercer.
Polley George (wid E M), 401 S Pelham.
Polley G E, lab, 703 Dorr av.
Porter Bernice, student, 815 Mason.
Porter Geo W, foreman Rbs, 815 Mason.
Porter J A Co, lumber and lands, 28 N Pelham.
Porter Leo, lab, 113 Ocala.
Porter Mary A, 815 Mason.
Poskie Frank, lab, 423 High.
Poskie Fred, lab, 408 Messer.
Poskie Martin, lab, 408 Messer.
Poskie Mary, dom, 316 Dahl.
Post Arthur, bkpr, 425 S Pelham.
Post Fred, jan. 414 High.
Post Office, S H Alban Post Master, 119 S Brown.
Pouleis Michael, clk, 10 S Brown.
Powers Grover, lab, 680 Mason.
Powers Guy, lab, 1132 Curran.
Pratt Frank, scaler, 927 Pinos.
Preston Music House, A Mortenson mgr, 8 N Brown.
Price Henry, prop Brunswick restaurant 107 S Brown, res 1034 Dorr av.
Priebe Edward, blksmith, 410 Phillip.
Pronto Frank, lab, 138 S Brown.
Pufahl Frank, lab, 19 W Frederick.
Putnam, Jessie, 215 Alban.
Quade Chas, lab, 1153 Minola.
Quade John, lab, 1153 Minola.
Quinlan Frances, milliner 125 S Stevens, res 34 E Anderson.
Quinlan Josephine, milliner 125 S Stevens, res 34 E Anderson.

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