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Rhinelander City Directory 1930
Alphabetical List of Names J - K
Ihlenfeldt Edw emp Rhinelander Paper Co
Immanuel Lutheran Church Rev Gunnard R Grahn pastor Services Sunday 10:45 a m evening 7:45 p m Sunday school 9:30 a m se cor N Brown and N Edgar
Immanuel Lutheran Church 630 Alban
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Hall 107 S Stevens
Ingraham Emma (wid Frank) h624 Balsam
Irich John (Leona) h459 Lake
Irick Harold W (Goldie) h422 High
Irick Jas A (Minnie) h819 Mason
Irick Lolita tchr r819 Mason
Irick Walter E (Mima) janitor h503 N Pelham
Isackson Barney (Susie) women's furngs 101 S Brown h824 S Oneida av
Isbell Helen C student r416 N Brown
Isberg John filer r Thunder Lake Hotel

Jackson Albert emp Rhinelander Paper Co r235 S Anderson
Jacobson Alice L student r16 Mercer
Jacobson Oscar L (Diana) restr 135 S Stevens h16 Mercer
Jacoby John F (Belle F) pres Wisconsin Petroleum Development Co h Commercial Hotel
Janke Edw (Amelia) grader Robbins Flooring Co
Janosky Steve (Mary) h667 Mason
Jansen Hans (Winnie) h1429 River
Jansen Irene sten Robbins Flooring Co r804 Mason
Jansen Nick J (Emma) emp Rhinelander Paper Co h804 Mason
Jante Walter clk A Krupienski r235 S Anderson
Jarvey Adeline student r1015 Randall av
Jarvin Edw (Orpha) h260 Johnson
Jarvis Edw J (Ella) scaler h910 Margaret
Jarvis Edwards E emp Daniels Mfg Co r910 Margaret
Jarvis Fern L student r910 Margaret
Jarvis John emp Daniels Mfg Co r427 Alban
Jarvis Josephine (wid Jos) h563 W Davenport
Jarvis Leone E tchr Curran School r910 Margaret
Jarvis Leslie A (Margt) h422 N Stevens
Jarvis Leslie J student r910 Margaret
Jarvis Viola C bkpr Montgomery Ward & Co r910 Margaret
Jean Jos (Melvina) lab Rhinelander Paper Co h435 Lake
Jeffris Malcolm R (Ida), Pres Chamber of Commerce and Northland Lakes Inc, h125 E Frederick
Jeffrock John emp Rhinelander Paper Co
Jeffrock Matt r Thunder Lake Hotel
Jeffrock Peter emp Rhinelander Paper Co
Jenkinson Harry L dentist 33 S Brown r126 E King
Jennings Edw slsmn r125 E Anderson
Jensen Clarence D (Josephine) mgr A M Penney Co h510 N Brown
Jensen Harold (Annie) beatermn Rhinelander Paper Co h 228 Messer
Jensen Robt H (Glada) chf eng Rhinelander Paper Co h111 S Brown
Jenson Christ r Thunder Lake Hotel
Jeske Louis porter Hotel Bronx
Jeske Louise (wid Aug) r822 Mason
Jesse Hattie Mrs bkpr The New North r109 Newbold
Jesse Hedwig L sten Oneida Cedar & Lumber Co r109 Newbold
Jewell Chas H (Loretta) h924 S Oneida av
Jewell Chester W (Grace) pre quality Chevrolet Co h227 Lincoln
Jewell Florence tchr r626 Eastern av
Jewell Margt (wid Geo) h626 Eastern av
Johns Thos (Mabel) h1143 Minola
Johnsen Henry emp Daniels Mfg Co r Alpine Mfg Co r Alpine Hotel
Johnson Adam (Augusta) h1144 Eagle
Johnson Albert (Norma) electn h815 Keenan
Johnson Albin W r1144 Eagle
Johnson Alex T (Evelyn; The Johnson Studio) h109 W Davenport
Johnson Alice r227 Grant
Johnson Amund (Bertha) shoemkr Schauder's Shoe Store h618 Keenan
Johnson Anton (Helga) mech Washburn Garage h322 W Pearl
Johnson Arth B (Lottie) tallymn Robbins Flooring Co h22 W Gilbert
Johnson Aug W (Marie) h3 E Harvey
Johnson Benj (Gwendolyn) pntr h424 Vaughn
Johnson Chas emp Rhinelander Paper Co r23 Gilbert
Johnson Chas (Marie) lab Wis Veneer Co h709 Brunner
Johnson Chas E (Inga) presser Lindey Cleaners & Dyers r522 N Stevens
Johnson Christina (wid John B) h528 Messer
Johnson Cora R (wid Wm C) mlnr 107 S Stevens h do
Johnson David driver Engine Co No 1 r816 Thayer
Johnson Elmer emp Rhinelander Refrig Co r539 Alban
Johnson Emil (Mary) h539 Alban
Johnson Esther R tchr Mccord School r1144 Eagle
Johnson Evelyn V r522 N Stevens
Johnson Fred (Nettie; Central Meat Market) h302 Lincoln
Johnson Fred J (Augusta) emp Daniels Mfg Co h403 Thayer
Johnson Geo P (Leona) bgemn C&NWRyCo h815 Margaret
Johnson Gorgen (Gladys) h1425 River
Johnson Grace student r3 E Harvey
Johnson Gunvor sten Wis Veneer Co r322 W Pearl
Johnson Gus lab Rhinelander Paper Co
Johnson Gust (Tena) lab C C Collins Lbr Co r639 N Brown
Johnson H C r5 E King
Johnson Harry M troublemn Rhinelander Tel Co r522 N Stevens
Johnson Ingeborg sten Thunder Lage Lbr Co r Louis Johnson
Johnson Irene C slswn Weiner's Dept Store r666 Alban
Johnson Iver carp r618 Keenan
Johnson J Victor (Elvira) emp Rhinelander Paper Co h421 Alban
Johnson Jack L formn Rhinelander Pubg Co r625 Randall av
Johnson Jeanette (wid John) r116 Mercer
Johnson John h1425 River
Johnson John E (Jennie) carp contr 662 Mason h do
Johnson John E (Margt) lab Wis Veneer Co h414 S Pelham
Johnson John K (Hortensia) yd mstr h625 Randall av
Johnson John M r1327 Minola
Johnson John M lab Wis Veneer Co r403 Gardner
Johnson Josephine C r666 Alban
Johnson Julius F (Hazel) h609 N Brown
Johnson Kenneth student r539 Alban
Johnson LaVern student r302 Lincoln
Johnson Len testmn Rhinelander Tel Co r9 S Pelham
Johnson Lena Mrs h s s River 1 w limits
Johnson Lillian prin McCord School r639 N Brown
Johnson Louis (Bertha), Manager Service Utility Co, h n s N Eagle 7 w River, Tel 9606-F-21
Johnson Margt Mrs r815 Margaret
Johnson Martin h227 Grant
Johnson Mathilda (wid Geo) h403 Gardner
Johnson Matt firemn Rhinelander Paper Co h618 Keenan
Johnson Mattie student r528 Messer
Johnson Mildred A student r666 Alban
Johnson Nora V r403 Gardner
Johnson Norma Mrs sten County Superintendent of Schools r815 Keenan
Johnson Norman r403 Gardner
Johnson Odwin emp Rhinelander Paper Co r Mrs Lena Johnson
Johnson Ole (Camilla) emp Rhinelander Paper Co h666 Alban
Johnson Oscar (Agnes) gro 551 W Davenport h do
Johnson Oscar (Barbara) invoice clk Rhinelander Paper Co 28 Alban
Johnson Oscar C loader Robbins Flooring Co r1144 Eagle
Johnson Pat emp Daniels Mfg Co r1144 Eagle
Johnson Ruth E slswn Wilson Rector r1144 Eagle
Johnson Selner J meat ctr Haugsby's r637 Margaret
Johnson Sophus (Iva) formn Rhinelander Paper Co h809 Arbutus
Johnson Studio The (A T Johnson) photogs 109 W Davenport
Johnson Theo E (Florence) lab h 3 Sutliff av
Johnson Thos E formn N W Oil Co r625 Randall av
Johnson Vernon r539 Alban
Johnson Violet E sten Brown Land & Lbr Co r666 Alban
Johnson Waldemar H, Asst Cashier Merchants State Bank, r227 Grant
Johnson Walter A r3 E Harvey
Johnson Willard (Rose) emp Rhinelander Refrig Co r918 S Oneida av
Johnson Wm lab C C Collins Lbr Co r City Hotel
Johnson Wm S (May) h1332 Minola
Johnston Byron G (Josephine E) cashr Railway Express Agency h631 Keenan
Johnston Patk (Julia) janitor City Hall r402 Lincoln
Jolin Albert C (Bertha) lab Rhinelander Paper Co h225 Young
Jolin Raymond student r225 Young
Jolitz Aug F (Albertina) h333 Thayer
Jolitz Emma M chf opr Rhinelander Tel Co r333 Thayer
Jones Henry pntr r709 Randall av
Jones Jos (Ose) firemn Rhinelander Paper Co h e s Hemlock 2 s Balsam
Jorgenson Fritz (Helen) tmstr Robbins Flooring Co h834 N Stevens
Jorsch Geo (Carrie) gro 133 N Brown h do
Jorsch Geo jr slsmn Geo Jorsch r133 N Brown
Joslin Dana (Margt J) agt Deep Rock Oil Co h140 S Oneida av
Joslin Eleanora slswn United Variety Store r815 Randall
Joslin Guy L (Effie) h427 Lake
Joslin Oren C (Eileen) h1005 River
Joslin Rachel r140 S Oneida av
Joslin Ray E (Eliz) h521 Thayer
Joslin Wm (Evelyn) enameler Rhinelander Refrig Co h815 Randall av
Josselyn Wilma maid 220 N Brown
Jourdan C C (Lillian) gro 730 Wabash h do
Juday Dean (Beulah) sec-Treas W D Juday Co h403 Frederick
Juday W D Co (Inc 1926; Capital $25,000) Ray Willis pres Dean Judy sec-treas agrl implts 114 W Davenport
Juday Wesley D (Ida) r421 Dahl
Junior High School 120 W Frederick
Junker Nels C (Eliz) formn h224 E Kemp

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