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Rhinelander City Directory 1930
Alphabetical List of Names S - T
Tadych Nicholas emp Rhinelander Paper Co r533 Messer
Taggart Geo L (Margt; Taggart & Son) h233 Lincoln
Taggart Golden M (Olga) dentist h333 E Frederick
Taggart Gordon (Taggart & Son) r233 Lincoln
Taggart & Son (Geo and Gordon) gros 116 S Brown
Tanner Edw lab Wis Veneer Co r26 E Harvey
Tanner Robt E (Hattie) h220 E Monica
Tanner Roy Lab E C Collins Lbr Co r Monica
Taunce Elmer (Esther) lab Rhinelander Refrig Co r RD 2
Tautges Chas F (Lucy) lab h827 N Stevens
Taylor Alf (Florence) slsmn B L Horr Culvert Co h821 Wabash
Taylor Arthur (Mary), Pres and Genl Mgr Taylor Beverage & Candy Co, h214 Clark, Tel 706
Taylor Beverage & Candy Co (Inc 1921, Capital $50,000), Arthur Taylor Pres and Genl Mgr, Mary E Taylor, V-Pres, Bradley R Taylor Treas, Lloyd Taylor Sec, Bottlers of Land o' Lakes Ginger Ale, Wholesale Candy 715 N Stevens, Tel 32-W (See page 28)
Taylor Bradley R (Helen), Treas Taylor Beverage & Candy Co, h110 S Oneida av, Tel 32-R
Taylor Claire student r29 Mercer
Taylor Edw D (Jessie) h29 Mercer
Taylor Francis r1327 Glenwood av
Taylor Fred r1327 Glenwood av
Taylor Fred A (Blanche) slsmn B L Horr Culvert Co h1029 N Stevens Taylor Gladys emp Wis Veneer Co r504 N Stevens
Taylor Jessie Mrs maid Oneida Hotel h29 Mercer
Taylor John W jr lab Robbins Flooring Co r1327 Glenwood av
Taylor John W (Florence) millwright Robbins Flooring Co h1327 Glenwood av
Taylor Jos r1327 Glenwood av
Taylor Lloyd R (Dorothy), Sec Taylor Beverage & Candy Co, h214 Clark, Tel 970
Taylor Mary E Mrs, V-Pres Taylor Beverage & Candy Co, h214 Clark
Taylor Ralph slsmn Sorenson Motor Co r8 DeSota
Teal Jerome C, Insurance and Real Estate 26 S Brown, h do, Tel 362 (See left top lines and page 36)
Teche Marie D sten Hodag Lumber Co r605 N Brown
Tegatz Fred (Anna) stonemn Rhinelander Paper Co h16 W Itasca
Terczynski Anton (Anne) lab Wis Veneer Co h321 N Pelham
Terczynski Leonard student r321 N Pelham
Terzinski Danl A (Florence) emp Rhinelander Paper Co h645 N Brown
Terzyinski Edw (Freda) emp Robbins Flooring Co r221 Messer
Terzyinski Jos r221 Messer
Terzynski Walter (Nellie) emp Robbins Floor Co h221 Messer
Thatcher Robt L (Mildred) lino opr Rhinelander Pub Co r High View pkwy
Theis Frank (Theresa) boat lldr Rhinelander Boat Co h918 Dorr av
Therio Bertha student r1326 Minola
Therio Jas (Melodi) h1326 Minola
Therio Vernon r1326 Minola
Thilmany John driver S Miller Fruit Co r1221 Eagle
Thilmany Wm (Ellen) eng C C Collins Lbr Co h1221 Eagle
Thimell Chester E trav r208 Lincoln
Thom Bernadine r722 Wabash
Thomas Erwin H (Ida) emp Daniels Mfg Co h820 Arbutus
Thomas Wm A (Emma) h647 Balsam
Thompson Arnold C (Margt) slsmn Service Utility Co h rear 109 Ocala
Thompson Chas H (Dorothy) driver Lewis Hardware Co h223 Young
Thompson Conrad A (Leona) mech Eug Kabel Co h471 Lake
Thompson Edw L (Cora) emp Rhinelander Paper Co h446 Vaughn
Thompson Gene (wid Oliver) h1320 Eagle
Thompson Grace M sten C C Collins Lbr Co r1320 Eagle
Thompson Irene sten Brown Land & Lbr Co r1320 Eagle
Thompson Jenine mad Oneida Hotel r209 N Brown
Thompson John student r1320 Eagle
Thompson Oran (Wilma) h1306 Upland av
Thompson Thos slsmn r125 E Anderson
Thorstenson Lawrence E (Katie) h604 N Pelham
Thunder Lake Hotel Mrs Rose Zerrenner mgr es Eagle 2 n Curran
Thunder Lake Lumber Co (Land Dept) J B Mylrea pres J O Moen v-pres S D Sutliff sec-treas Merchants State Bank bldg es Eagle 1 n Curran
Thursey Jacob J (Bessie) h605 N Brown
Thurston Chas R (Rose) tmstr C C Collins Lbr Co h638 Mason
Tigred Chas (Pearl S) barber Pearl's Beauty Shoppe r322 Dahl
Tigred Pearl S Mrs (Pearl's Beauty Shoppe) r322 Dahl
Timm Francis J (Maude) emp Rhinelander Paper Co h904 Randall av
Tinsell Arnold emp Rhinelander Paper Co r Thunder Lake Hotel
Tober Arth L (Hazel) emp Daniels Mfg Co h1021 Dorr av
Tober Chas (Minnie) barber h821 Arbutus
Tober Marvin (Esther) lab Rhinelander Refrig Co h703 Arbutus
Tobias Sherman J steeplejack r Hotel Bronx
Todd Royal L (Margt R) emp Rhinelander Refrig Co h15 E Itasca
Tomalty Wm (Julia) h417 S Pelham
Tombarskjelves No 81 meets 1st and 3d Wednesday at Odd Fellows Hall Axel Busk sec
Tompkins Edw B student r309 Dahl
Tompkins Robt F agt Soo Line h309 Dahl
Tomtshak Barney emp Rhinelander Paper Co r165 Mill
Tomtshak Jennie r165 Mill
Tomtshak John T (Mary) janitor h165 Mill
Tomtshak May Mrs lndrs Pattinson Laundry Co h165 Mill
Torgerson Frieda Mrs r403 Thayer
Tover Marvin G (Esther) h703 Arbutus
Towers Hartley lab Wis Veneer Co r804 Wabash
Towne M L (Melissa) emp Rhinelander Refrig Co r RD 2 (Pelican)
Trabant Wm (Clara) h316 N Stevens
Tracey Melvin lab Wis Veneer Co
Tragiai Bert B (Kath) tchr Senior High School r651 N Brown
Tragiai Kath (wid Bert) h651 N Brown
Tramp Alf (Goldy E) lab Rhinelander Refrig Co r RD 2
Tramp Ernest (Edna) emp Rhinelander Refrig Co r608 Riek
Treleven Kathleen student r120 E King
Treleven Nellie D Mrs sec Rhinelander Iron Co h120 E King
Treleven Russell L pharm Koppa's Pharmacy r120 E King
Treleven Theo L (Nellie) h120 E King
Tremont Hotel (Raymond L Christian) 222 Thayer
Tresness Ethel student r427 Lake
Treund Laura emp Wis Veneer Co r Hyland View
Treweek Orval N (Henrietta) dentist 1 Brown bldg h104 E King
Trickey Arth E (Alvina) h es Iverson 1 s E Monico
Tri-County Land Co (Harriet Pier Simonds) 50 E Davenport
Trimble Geo W (Bertha) h332 Rib
Trinity Lutheran Church Rev Olaf L Olsen pastor services: English 10 a m, Norwegian 11 a m Sunday school 9 a m 5 W Pearl
Tripp Benj R (Sandra) carp h427 Oak
Tripp Magdeline Mrs slswn C M Paulson h434 Vaughn
Tripp Myron E (Magdeline) h434 Vaughn
Tripp Raymond J lab Wis Veneer Co r427 Oak
Trotier Henry P ( Margt) hlpr h5 Abner
Trotier Mary r5 Abner
Trudeau Hebert (Mayme) woodsmn h1002 Thayer
Trumble Jas (Emma) mason h615 S Baird av
Tubutis Vera beauty opr r322 Dahl
Tuchalski Benj N (Josephine) carp h215 Alban
Tuchalski Isadore A student r215 Alban
Tuchalski Mark J student r215 Alban
Tuckwood Chas C Dr, Dentist 31 S Brown, Pres Rhinelander Boat Co, h307 Lincoln, Tel 89-R
Tuckwood Elva M student R307 Lincoln
Tunison Arth E (Emma) h1355 Minola
Tunney Kath E (wid John) h1132 Curran
Turcott Raymond J (Anna) emp Rhinelander Paper Co h424 Garden
Turcotte Clarence pkr Rhinelander Paper Co r107 Johnson
Turcotte Forest hlpr Rhinelander Paper Co
Turcotte Harry L (Hazel) formn Rhinelander Paper Co h ns Johnson 1 e Calkins
Turcotte Henry L (Eleanor) h921 N Stevens
Turcotte Ross lab Rhinelander Paper Co
Turn Gerda bkpr Oneida Milk & Ice Cream Co r Pine Lake
Turner Lester T (Esther) woodsmn h612 Balsam
Turner Wm B (Gladys) h1323 Upland av
Tuttle Albert slsmn Schooley-Forbes Hdw Co h924 N Stevens
Tuttle Jos (Nellie) h ss Pine 3 e River
Tway Edw T (Eva) emp Daniels Mfg Co h317 Messer
Tyvol Clifford Equiptmn Rhinelander Tel Co r3 S Pelham

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