1914 Barron County Atlas Index

Donated by Alice Hain


The present day boundaries of Barron County, Wisconsin were finalized in 1874.  Until that date, surrounding counties claimed parts of Barron County.  The townships underwent changes until they reached their current organization in 1929.  There are 25 townships within the county today, and each township is divided into 36 sections.  The following maps show the changes between the 1914 township boundaries and the current township boundaries:

1914 Townships

Townships as they are today

Nothing has been assumed when extracting the names from this atlas.  Names and information are typed as they are found in the 1914 Barron Co. Plat Book.  No corrections will be made, as this is an attempt to duplicate (only) an original piece of history.

If you find a surname which looks to be related to your search, it is suggested that you follow-up your research at other sources in the county.  The Barron County Courthouse, the Rice Lake Public Library, the LDS Family History Center and, during the summer months, the Barron County Historical Museum may each help you to further your research.

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