Andre Johan Gottlieb
Banker, Mrs George
Banker, George
Banker Mildred
Becker, Will
Berg, Chester Otto
Bente, Amelia Andrea
Bente, Frederick
Brandel, Paul
Buth, Fred Albert
Colwill, Viola E
Ebbott, Hertha E
Hoffman, Henry
Hoffman, Lissette
Jaeger, Andrew J
Jaeger, Elizabeth
Jaeger, James
Kenseth, Vera
Kleinhans, John
Knoerr, Emma Agusta Emilie
Lippert, Barbara
Langholff, Elizabeth
Langholff, Adele
Langholff, Albert
Langholff, Amelia
Langholff, Anna
Langholff, Anna E
Langholff, Lydia
Langholff, August
Langholff, Barbara
Langholff, Bertha
Langholff, Carl F
Langholff, Caroline
Langholff, Clarence
Langholff, Earl
Langholff, Edward H.
Langholff, Elda
Langholff, Earnest
Langholff, Ferdinand
Langholff, Florence
Langholff, Frederick
Langholf, Fred
Langholff, Frederick G

Langholff, Fred T
Langholff, Mrs Gottieb
Langholff, Harlow O,
Langholff, Henrietta
Langholff, Henry
Langholff, Johan
Langholff, John F
Langholff, Julius
Langholff, Ida E
Langholff, Ida M
Langholff, Louisa
Langholff, Mabel
Langholff, Martin
Langholff, Minnie
Langholff, Nannetta
Langholff, Norman
Langholff, Otto
Langholff, Robert
Langholff, Rose
Langholff, Ruth
Langholff, Walter W.
Maasz, Edith
Maasz, Ferdinand
Mayer, Christian
Moore, Edwin E.
Moore, John R
Moore, Robert
Mueller, Wilhelminia
Mumm, Albert
Mumm, Augusta
Mumm, Pearl Eva
Nass, Paul W
Omdoll, Edmund
Omdoll, Ella A
Omdoll, Jens
Packard, Charles
Packard, Gerry Jean
Packard, Max J
Packard, Robert
Purucker, Edwin C
Reichert, Maria Helana
Reichert, Rudolph
Sargent, Daniel Deloss
Savall, August John
Savall, Clara
Seargeant, James
Smith, Dorothy G
Topel, Elma
Warnke, Margaret
Westphal, Elizabeth
Westphal, Frederick
Wong, Geraldine

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